Thursday, June 9, 2016 new love....hobby....

A new geranium with a fleshy green plant that smells  of  lime

Last year I planted a few succulents and loved them.....they grew and were beautiful.....then mean old winter came along and my thumb turned brown and I  lost my big beautiful this year I will start again.....I will probably winter them in the basement jade plant loves the basement and even blooms ........

this pot sat outside on the patio table all winter ....this sedum did come back!

sedums and lavender ....oh I love lavender

This bird bath was a wedding present .....unfortunately time took it's toll so I am now using it as a succulent planter

my new pot of sedums and succulents....

an old ladle  with a "hairy" succulent

I put this little guy in the hole of the tree looks like it is ok with it!

rare flower bulb found in our flower beds this spring....eats paper towels  ....
we affectionally call him stinky......he loves to toot! 

I treated myself to a yellow hibiscus

our new succulent bed....

so far the new succulents are liking the area...I hope they will grow and grow this season

My grandparents cabinet this year is coming along.  I have mixed in some different plants and will enjoy watching them grow.

So here's  to a great growing season!!
 checking  out the toad situation....
they have taken a liking to my potted plants....popping out of the dirt to surprise me

just letting me know he is a big boy now because he figured out how to use the pet doors.....
we are no longer safe from him........


  1. It's all looking good! Can't believe the little critter finally figured out the door!

  2. wonderful plants! love growing succulents - we used to have lots of those in our SF garden all year round! and I see 'hens and chickens' as my mom always called them :) the kitty is such a cutie

  3. Nice! I love the ones in the log and your cupboard is wonderful. I've been told that they are really hard to winter over so it may not have been a brown thumb.


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