Tuesday, January 27, 2015


There have been some posts lately about what do we really need to be happy.
A year ago we adopted Marley from a family too busy to really have time to take care of him.
What  joy he has brought to our home.
Yes, he wanted to eat the cats.....
they are all now friends....
Give him a truck ride with a hamburger kicker....
throw the ball and remember the treats.....
he's a happy dude!
So thank you Marley for making us laugh and smile
you are a keeper!

Saturday, January 10, 2015

A Time To Stitch Tassel Trove

A big thank you to Christine and Therese for sponsoring our next installment of stitching!
I packed the missiles for the trip to Buffalo.  I had a few patterns in mind not quite sure  what I would do.  I finally settled on Tassel Trove by Nifty Creations.   This was a picture diagram. I thought I could easily work it up.   Hah!   my first effort quickly got thrown!  Getting my mind and fingers to work together took some time.....I also picked beads badly for the first effort but I was determined to finish! 

I hadn't used enough color contrast between the beads to see the pattern develop.  I kept at it starting numerous times and finally finished.
Then I started again with the right combination of beads to appreciate the pattern.....

Shortly after I finished I fell to the flu......on vacation and sick.....
bright spot....my sister's house is the best place to be sick
by the time we were done it was 3 to 1 sick....
my mother would be so proud of Nurse Tammy!
Wow did we eat good.....
.and cough and blow our noses....and moan........
I am not sure how I will finish my tubes off.....
that will be another challenge!
now go visit all these lovely stitchers!!

Sunday, January 4, 2015


I think we always have a favorite relative.
One that just their name brings a smile to your face
Aunt Mary Ann or "Lizzie" was my favorite.
A farm wife who always had time for one more
she had a very large family
and even now her family continues the traditions of generosity
 they were taught by their mom and dad.
Granddaughter Amy asked me to design some jewelry
 from a card Lizzie had written 
with love this is what I came up with
Amy presented each of the 5 daughters a necklace to thank them for their help in her life.
Grandma is proud of you Ms Amy!