Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Blooming Kids!

Recently I had "almost" family visiting from Colorado.  The 2 young girls loved my bracelet from a pattern by Renee Kovnesky.   The pattern Blooming Buds is a fun quick bracelet.   As we were sitting and talking I talked Emily through one bud.  She was such a good beadier! 
  We made a date for both girls to come back and bead. 
 Thanks Renee for such a wonderful pattern.....
you created memories for all of us!
Emily was a very quick learner!  Even a couple of days after making the first bud she remembered what we were going to do next.


Abby showing off her bud!

I hope the girls will catch the beading bug!

I think they did a wonderful job!  
They can come create with the "flying missiles" anytime!



  1. Hi Kim,
    They did a fantastic job! Both bracelets are beautiful, but I have to go with Abby's single yet elegant bud bracelet. You are a wonderful teacher and from the looks of it, they will want to do more.

  2. What fun - they bracelets all look great!

  3. It is so nice to share and teach isn't it?! They are blessed to have you show them.


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