Saturday, June 6, 2015

A Time To Stitch 7

I would like to thank  Christine and Therese for once again challenging us to learn and create.  I never thought I would enjoy these "flying missiles" as much as I do!  I immediately went to Pinterest to gather ideas.  Christine and I had a conversation about the beautiful neckwear that we see...loved them but I would probably never wear them.

That led me to learning how to work with beading cabochons .   My first effort was a button that I had laying around.  It was a struggle but once I got it right it "sucked on" the button and wow was I amazed!!

Therese had given me this lovely Succor Jasper stone to work with.
Thank you Thank you Therese!!!
  I loved working with this beautiful stone created just by you!

I love bead embroidery! 
 I just hate making the necklace part!!!
Here's another one I practiced on....I think you ladies have created a monster!!

**someone email me and I lost it...anyways the necklace is a Dutch Spiral  the pattern called for a 4 pattern repeat and I paired it down to a 3 pattern repeat I used Beadalon  wildfire to stitch.**
you can find the list of all the participants here
                                                                                                                   Therese (Host) 
                                                                                                                 Christine  (Host)
I absolutely love you two!!


  1. Holy Crap Kim!!!! I cannot believe these pieces you made!!!! Actually I can ~ they are pure you in color and in making it seem easy!!! The button is such a great design ~ the flow and colors are perfect and the lace edging and fringe are lovely! Therese's cab and your attention to color, technique, detail, fringe, neckstrap design, and earthy embellishment are a perfect combination!!!! Big winning combo there!
    And your "just a bit more practice" piece is Gorgeous ~ the addition of the bugles in that way and that snake looking chain ~ perfect! I laughed as I love making the neckstraps, so we should work together on these :-D
    Thank you for your eye for color, your attention to detail, your constant pinning and looking for ways to make each item uniquely Kim, and for continuing on your ride with us and these flying missiles!

  2. No one makes flying missiles like you! and wow did you create some more gorgeousness! that first button one is so cool - would never think to do that, and now I will! but man did you create around that stunning cab Therese sent you! and I LOVE the neckstrap for that - I am always stuck on that part! and then you went and did another ... just beautiful bead work every time I visit you!!

  3. Wow and wow again, the button pendant is outrageously beautiful, beautiful design. The jasper pendant is stunning as well as are all your pieces. You did an exceptional job, welcome to the monster club, you do great work!

  4. You created gorgeous pieces, I love how the first cabochon is totally integrated into the embroidery, the earthiness of the second necklace and the gorgeous chunkiness of the last one.

  5. Wow! You're on a lovely beading frenzy. I adore the colors and your designs.

  6. Haha, a monster indeed - all the pieces are so beautiful! You made me want to get back to a proper seed beads store and get myself a good size to try again :) Gorgeous necklaces!

  7. How gorgeous your work is. And the colorways you chose are just perfect.... so earthy and textured. You are funny about not liking the necklace part. I noticed a few others used chain and there is something called silversilk that also looks really nice with bead embroidered items. I think I am partial to your button design. I really like the motif you chose for the surround. Beautiful!

  8. Oh, your pendants are so beautiful!!
    I love every single one of them. I also like the shapes of your cabochon and all the little details.
    I was scared in the beginning, but now I love it.
    I just started making them recently too.

  9. Wowza! These are great!! I love that first piece, you can barely tell where the beads end and the cab begins!!

  10. Hi Kim,
    As I was reading your post I was thinking wow that button is so beautiful I love what you did with it. Then I continued to read and scroll down and I got to the cab I sent to you, then I saw what you did with the cab and my mind was blown away it is so GORGEOUS!!!!!!! Oh man I just have fallen in love I can not get over it. Then I scrolled down some more and BAM there is another gorgeous piece of work. Kim you have out done your self in this challenge, I am so happy that me and Christine had something to do with you getting involved with the little flying missiles, as you so lovingly call them. Thank you for participating in ATTS 7 and I really hope you will join us for ATTS 8.
    Love you back,

  11. Wow - very cool! Looks like an awful lot of work!

  12. Your bezels are stunning. I feel harmony and tranquility emanating from the earthy colors. In this case, subtle beauty is the most gorgeous of all. I love the choice of bugles in the third piece. I think you're on an amazing roll and should keep going!

  13. Wow I love the button and what you did with it and then there are more! Oh my! I totally love what you created with Therese's cab, the colours and balance are just perfect and even tho you did not enjoy making it the necklace is stunning too, what an amazing design!

  14. Very, very pretty Kim! I really love that first button, the texture mimics the beading and it just looks amazing. I didn't have time to work with Therese's focal that she sent me as I had already started the other one, but I'm looking forward to doing so, and you've given me some great inspiration!

  15. Wow!! Such beautiful work.

  16. Absolutely beautiful piece and the dutch spiral is the perfect combo. Love your beading.

  17. That's a button!? I love it just knowing that, but really the whole thing is amazing. All three of your designs are gorgeous. Well done!!


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