Friday, May 1, 2015

Flying Missiles

I have been posting!  
 We have been busy though!
When we want to hit the road for a quick get away Madison WI calls our name. 
 A short drive and we both have lots to keep us busy! 
A favorite shop to stop at is Meant To Bead in Sun Prairie. 
 Last time there I treated myself to a class.  
 Blooming Buds is a quick fun bracelet.
  Renee was so gracious and fun to meet.  
I have made a couple more of these for the store.
I need to mention my Angel.
my Mom was always ready for a trip to a casino. 
We like to hit the casino's too and when in Madison always spend the evening trying our luck.
It was late night and I was sitting at a machine that was really hitting...
hubby would pass by and I would give him a ticket to cash out...
he had just left and I felt a hand brush my back....
I turned around expecting to see him back.....
there wasn't a soul around me....
Mom was visiting!
So thank you Mom for the good luck....
I had a great time!!!


  1. that is a lovely bracelet. Are those piggy beads that form the petals?

  2. The bracelets are made with the 2 hole piggy beads

  3. Sounds like a fun trip - nice new beads and bracelets and a visit from a special angel!!

  4. What a great story. God gives us those little gifts which are actually really huge gifts!!


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