Sunday, January 4, 2015


I think we always have a favorite relative.
One that just their name brings a smile to your face
Aunt Mary Ann or "Lizzie" was my favorite.
A farm wife who always had time for one more
she had a very large family
and even now her family continues the traditions of generosity
 they were taught by their mom and dad.
Granddaughter Amy asked me to design some jewelry
 from a card Lizzie had written 
with love this is what I came up with
Amy presented each of the 5 daughters a necklace to thank them for their help in her life.
Grandma is proud of you Ms Amy!


  1. What an incredibly touching sentiment, gift, creation. You and Amy and your Aunt work well together. The handwriting is such a personal touch and is intimate and warm. These must have brought a few beautiful tears.

  2. oh this is such a beautiful thing to do! and so very personal. I bet, as Christine says, there were some tears with this gift. Bravo

  3. I would love one of these as well! Grandma
    Lizzie was such an amazing person. I wish my daughter's could have met her!


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