Tuesday, January 27, 2015


There have been some posts lately about what do we really need to be happy.
A year ago we adopted Marley from a family too busy to really have time to take care of him.
What  joy he has brought to our home.
Yes, he wanted to eat the cats.....
they are all now friends....
Give him a truck ride with a hamburger kicker....
throw the ball and remember the treats.....
he's a happy dude!
So thank you Marley for making us laugh and smile
you are a keeper!


  1. He looks like such a nice guy! and no doubt happy to have found a home with you. It is so amazing to me that people can even consider giving up a member of the family ... person or pet. But Marley likely made out in this deal. Give that guy a hug! he does look like a keeper

  2. Thank goodness for our furry family members...their love & joy bring such depth to our lives!

  3. Marley was a lucky puppy when he came into yours and Mr.'s lives. It is a pure joy to have the love of a dog and or a cat.

  4. Dogs are good reminders that keeping it simple and also being in the moment do indeed bring the greatest joy. They live that way and are quite happy. Marley was meant to come live with you and the Mr. and your cats ~ you all made out in the deal :-)

  5. And think of how much happiness you have brought to his life! Glad their is harmony among the fur kids now!

  6. Your post tugged at my heart!! What a lovely happy ending for you all...cats included!!


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