Sunday, July 20, 2014

Fall JULY!

Here in Iowa we have been enjoying "Fall"
with lows in the 40's at night
the windows are open
it's been a sleepers delight....
according to the weatherman
all must come to an end...
the humidity is back
the temperatures will be back to normal
so we are enjoying our last day.
the flower beds are busy blooming...

I added a few more flowers and junk too!

the daisy's are all blooming.....





I have lots of Lilies many yet to bloom


I thought it was interesting how the petals of this one folded back so much
I found a new color of cone flower
this one has a peachy bloom that turns more pink as it ages
I am even growing color coordinated mushrooms......
Phlox an old time favorite
New for me this year   Hen and Chicks

I love coral bells and have many varieties of them
They are a favorite of the hummers too
I always leave some milkweed for the Monarch's
first come all the little bugs
the Monarch was fluttering around the plant last night

Marley says thanks for stopping but we really need to play ball now.....
 I just have to add this one.....even after dark the gardens are beautiful

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

A Cornfield....aka "Lake Windham"

We call this "Lake Windham" 
 every year the farmer plants his field
every year
Mother Nature turns his field into a lake
5.3 inches of rain in one day
Mother Nature is winning
She sure knows how to make it pretty