Sunday, January 26, 2014

Meet Marley

We have become dog parents again.  We have enjoyed our freedom but missed having a dog.  Marley comes to us from a family that just  didn't have time to spend with him.  As we traveled to pick him up I was tearing up thinking of  taking a pet away from 3 small boys......we arrived and the 3 boys couldn't get the dog out of the house quick enough....  Mom said they were overjoyed at the thought of no more poop detail...... I laugh now at the mom shushing the boys.....he really is a very good boy.

                                    He just likes to think cats are for eating.

We are slowly working on the thought that cats are food.....  the cats have been living in the basement for now.....Marley is locked away during the day so they can come up and do their bird watching....As they get more used to each other the cats have been daring and come to visit....this picture is a milestone for us...Oreo came up and sat on the couch today.....last night Nosey came to bed with us......  Jr is just sticking to the basement!

                                          we have hope!

Welcome Mr Marley

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

A Time to Stitch 4

Well it is time to play with the "flying missiles" again  Therese and Christine gave us our stitching orders and off we went.   I chose to make a spiral necklace from this pattern  I told myself I had to use beads that I had on I played with several colors and finally chose this combination.  The size 8 's were from a store in St Louis and the others bead mixes from Fusion Beads.  This was an easy pattern to follow and I enjoyed making it.  It is a simple necklace I know but I learned a new stitch!

The netted stitch was next on my list.....I spent several hours looking and really couldn't come up with something I really wanted to do.....while searching I came across this pattern   I decided to try it.....again I had to use beads I had.  I made the blue one first to try the pattern....a pretty simple straight forward pattern...

Then I decided that I could make one of these to go with my spiral necklace so I made the black is the problem.....the size 8's aren't black....they have a lot of green tint to them and the bead just didn't look that good on the I am working on another project and will see if that pendant will work with the necklace.

Thanks to Therese and Christine for challenging me to learn new stitches!  Please click here to see the list of all the participants and see what wonderful jewelry they have designed.

Sorry folks had the wrong link for the netted is fixed now!