Sunday, August 24, 2014

VACATION! Gettin away from it all......

Intermission of a stated employment, procedure, or office; a period of intermission; rest; leisure.

Yep this year we took a and leisure....
we loaded the boat
threw Marley in the truck
headed for the UP  "Yooper land"

The 3 bears showed up at the restaurant for my birthday supper!

We stayed in Bergland  Bay
AJ's Walleye Resort
Lake Gogebic 
the UP's largest inland lake

 Mike fished 

 Marley napped......
played ball

We then moved Eastward to
Coleman's Resort
on Lake AuTrain
a five minute drive to Lake Superior

more fishing and lots of nature greeted us there
A bald eagle calls the lake his could hear his screeching all day

I was kept busy making hummer food......what a joy to sit and watch

Mama turkey feels right at home parading her brood through the yard and hanging out sunbathing....
Marley and I did beg a boat ride....
I loved the colors of the water
the flora growing under the surface



time flies so fast......

there were signs that autumn is upon us...

my favorite August snack
oh the trips we had in the Colorado Mts gathering these beauties

Kodah says
ya all come back!


  1. Love, love, love every picture! Sounds like you had a perfect glad for you!

  2. What great pictures! Glad you had a fun birthday and a nice and relaxing vacation! I was hoping to see what you worked on (hint, hint).

  3. beauty, fun, relaxation, nature...looks like the perfect vacation!


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