Wednesday, July 2, 2014

A Cornfield....aka "Lake Windham"

We call this "Lake Windham" 
 every year the farmer plants his field
every year
Mother Nature turns his field into a lake
5.3 inches of rain in one day
Mother Nature is winning
She sure knows how to make it pretty


  1. oh man! that is a lake, and so pretty! too back about the corn tho

  2. That first photo is gorgeous! Mother Nature sure knows how to put on a show! The farmer must be frustrated. I hope he has insurance!

  3. What a beautiful photo - I feel bad for the farmer, but the momentary beauty...oh my!

  4. That heavy rain missed us, thankfully. Even though the farmer probably isn't happy - it sure makes for a pretty picture!

  5. Beautiful photos Kim. One for Mother Nature zero for the farmer. Hopefully he will be able to replant the fields and have a wonderful crop.

  6. Such stunning pictures, Kim! Your photography is always so beautiful. :-)


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