Tuesday, June 17, 2014

A Time to Stitch Five (finally)

I had quite the problem with this beading challenge....
I couldn't decide what to stitch! 
 How to solve the problem??? 
 You just make them all......
Christine and Therese you have created a monster!! 

Natalie Super Duo

Design by mybeads4you 

As a beadier  I know my limits. 
 I like  quick easy patterns! 
 This one hit the spot right away! 
I started with the bracelet on the right.  
 I wanted to use supplies I already had. 
 I had picked up some Super Duo's on one of our trips wanting to make something with them. 
With plenty of Czech beads on hand this was a winner!
Once I made it.....I went bead shopping for more Duo's.......yeah!!

Next while surfing I came across a beautiful bracelet by Adele Kimpell  at Bread Dreamers LLC

This pattern is called Lentille Bracelet.

I had a few questions and Adele was so nice to quickly get back to me.
The pattern  described:
The Lentille bracelet is worked in the designers adaptation of Ndebele Herringbone stitch
 for the Czech Mates two-hole, lentil shaped bead.

My first try at this pattern.....
I was a very bad reader.....
I skipped a whole step.......
since I did it the whole bracelet it came out fine!
It is just a little more narrow than the other 2.  
  This was my first time using lentils...
I had a great time shopping for these too!
I did use different size beads in the center to give them a new look


These Size 8's didn't lay down quite as nicely
I still like the end result!

My Favorite

Super Duo Rosette Bracelet

This design comes from browsing Etsy  and was found at WescottJewelry 

I tend to like narrow designs to wear.
I was also looking for a bracelet that I could make in a reasonable amount of time to sell.
This makes up quickly and I have had fun playing with different colors of beads

I have worn these and really like them! 
 I have my supplies ready for vacation....
it is an easy pattern to do while traveling down the road!

I had too much time on my hands
Another one!!


I happened to see this bracelet beaded in an Etsy shop.....
I really liked the pattern so went on a hunt to find it
It took me a couple of hours on Sunday....
but, I found it!!

It's even a free pattern!!

Around The Beading Table

This pattern again uses the Super Duo's.
The bracelet also uses a brick Czech bead.
I haven't had time to get any of the Tila beads for the matching bracelets
ohhhhh,,,,,more shopping!!

I can't express my gratitude to Therese (who I met first)
Christine(love her family)
 for all their support in getting these "flying missile's" under control

my pocketbook is hurting.....
I'm having a blast!!

Head on over to either of their blogs to see all the wonderful jewelry this hop contains!


  1. I told you I'd be back - and so glad I did :) this is some serious 'arm candy' !!!! Holy moly that is a lot of beading - LOL I think it just might be impossible to pick a favorite. I'd have to wear several at the same time! I do like those lentils and the herringbone look - really lovely pattern. But then they all are!

  2. WOW! Amazing. You really make those super duos and lentils shine. Your pictures are great too.

  3. I don't even know what to say here. You have been really busy weaving and inspired and busy weaving and spending good time picking out beads and busy weaving! I cannot even begin to pick a favorite pattern of color scheme. They are all That Beautiful!!! Once my week calms down (so next week!), I am looking into all of these tutorials. You have such an eye for color ~ good earthy beady goodness. Kim ~ you have completely embraced the missiles! Bead on, my friend, because we need to see more from Kimmykats :-)

  4. The patterns, the colors, the clasps ... each choice you made was spot on! That is quite a beautifully awesome collection of arm candy you've got there! =)

  5. Oh, wow! I can to see the hop reveals and was so surprised to see my SuperDuo Rosette Pattern! I'm so glad you liked it. Your jewelry is all so beautiful and I love your color sense. :D

  6. wow, you made a lot of bracelets! No wonder you forgot to post yesterday! Some great variations there

  7. Wow Kim, the beading bug has bit you and I am so proud that another bead weaver has been born!
    I love all of the bracelets you sewed together they are awesome and can be worn separate or stacked. I am going to have to check out these tutorials they look fun.
    Thank you for participating in this round of ATTS and be on the look out for ATTS 6 it is going to be a bit more challenging.

  8. I love all your bracelets! You use the twin bead so effectively in all of them!! Really great designs!

  9. They all are awesome! I tried to pick a favorite, but it's not possible! Love them all!

  10. Oh Kim....you are so so talented! Just beautiful, and your bead choices, exquisite!

  11. UM - WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't even know where to begin! I giggled in delight when I navigated to this page and saw your long row of bracelets. I love how this challenge grabbed you. And I love all the patterns you chose. Each one is fantastic by the way. The way you changed up your beads in each set was a great illustration in the way bead choice affects our design! HUGE BRAVO to you!! I would wear any one of these bracelets with pleasure!

  12. Love your bracelets. I can't imagine how you could make so many and each one more beautiful than the last. You are surely an inspiration. Love your bead choices. Just gorgeous!!

  13. I love your choice of patterns and beads too. I already knew the last two patterns but it's great to know beautiful new ones. Very well done.
    Enjoy the day.

  14. OMG, you're a crazy beader! ;) This is an awesome collection of stitches and bracelets. Well done!

  15. Kim, you are amazing! These bracelets with there beautiful earth tones and all the wonderful stitches! Wow, you ROCKED this challenge!!!


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