Sunday, March 2, 2014

AJE February Challenge..... Melissa Meman

February 2014 Component of the Month...Fluttering Hearts
Melissa Meman

  I was recently so lucky to win a focal from the talented Melissa Meman for the February AJE challenge.  
 I sat down and started on my creation....
The Flu bug hit
I loved it so much
I shared it with the Mr.
(he actually still loves me.....)
today is the first time I have stayed up right for more than a half hour.......
I looked at what I had started
showed it to the loving Mr.
we both agreed
I started over ...
I am not sure this is what I will end up with....
but it is where I am now.....
I do like the multi colored stones with the focal. 
 I am concerned about the weight of them...
When my mind is better focused I will sit down and play more.
Thank you so much Melissa for the beautiful focal.
I promise I will do you proud.

You can visit Art Jewelry Elements  to view everyone's creations!


  1. Everything you make is awesome! Hope you are feeling better!

  2. Great start, I hope you feel better! I know whatever you make will be amazing!

  3. Hi Kim...I really like what you did! The color of those beads is perfect with the heart!

    1. and I forgot to say thank you for participating...hope you had fun!

  4. The colors of the beads make the heart stand out. Well done!

  5. Hi Kim - sorry you were under the weather! I like where you are going with the necklace. The colors of the stones are perfect to accentuate the grit, and they are large - I think that works to visually glance the white areas of the heart! Feel better!

  6. I love the dark red on white that Melissa sent you--looks awesome with the stones and the silver!

  7. I love the stones! Their colours are a perfect match with the heart!

  8. I love the stones with the heart too!!!! Love the pop of color you pulled from the frit too!

  9. how absolutely beautiful! the colors are rich and match the focal so well !


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