Tuesday, February 25, 2014

A Shoe Tree Trip

 Have you ever been traveling down the road and come across a shoe tree?

The Upper Peninsula of Michigan


Some favorite pictures .....

The colors
 of fall
Surfing the lake......
Inspiration for jewelry...
we had quite the laugh at this one.....don't think the owl is doing his job....

The rest of the birds had already flown the coop for the season.....these swan's stayed just for us!!


We had a great time watching the wind blow on the beach....

The view out our cabin door....so peaceful.....
see that little speck...a duck blind
come sun up......


  1. Beautiful pictures, but I've never heard of a shoe tree!! How cool.

  2. You take THE mot beautiful photos...when I look at them, I can feel, smell, taste, hear them. You have a way of capturing all that in a photo. How do you do that?!
    That shoe tree is fantastic! Did you guys donate?

  3. Hi Kim,
    I agree with Christine your photography skills are awesome. The photos are amazing. I am going to have to take a trip to the upper peninsula one of the times I am in Michigan.

  4. So many lovely photos. I would love to visit this beautiful area. I love the shoe tree--what fun!

  5. Wow. Seriously, those are some beautiful photos. And, a crazy shoe tree??

  6. Never seen a shoe tree...although I always laugh at boots on fence posts! Such great pictures - sure wish I had a little bit of your talent!

  7. Such beautiful pictures Kim!
    And a shoe tree? Have not crossed paths with one of those!
    Hope you are well!

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