Saturday, August 31, 2013

My Hometown Wellman IA "A Town That Cares"

I am a country gal at heart.  Born and raised in a small farming community with the big city to the north I had the best of both worlds.  The rural community and the small towns of Wellman and Kalona  formed my childhood years while just to the north a busy bustling college town would take me through my working years.    The quiet but busy farmland community where we would ride our bikes up and down the gravel roads finding new adventures each day to the small towns  where we would hop in our cars and "cruise the loop".  
Our small farming community was filled with many children.  Our days were filled with riding bikes, building tree houses, sledding and skating. One never knew what each new day would bring.  The days were never long enough to get it all done. As we grew the area changed.  Farmers retired. Technology took over...farming was only for a few.  Now this little community is filled with rental homes as fewer and fewer decide to till the land.  We no longer know the person down the road.  There are very few of us left from the old days....this little spot will evolve into a different community writing it's own history.

     Wellman is named for Joseph Edward Wellman, who in July, 1879 provided 40 acres of his farmland.  A busy railroad town in its early years it is now a retirement town for many farmers who have left the fields  I will always remember Maplecrest Turkey Farms. Long the largest independent turkey-processing corporation in the world.  Both of my maternal grandparents worked there when I was a young girl so we had many trips  to see the young birds.  In the end they fell upon hard economic times and closed. 

   The  Amish settlement in what is now the Kalona area began in the 1840s, placing the Amish among the very first European settlers in the region. Ours is a very religious community.  We went to school with the Amish, Conservatives, Mennonites, Catholics....and all the orders in between.  The arts and crafts of these people is a draw for the tourism  that now supports the city.

Iowa City is the town of my adult years. The University of Iowa with it's 11 colleges is also home to the University of Iowa Hospital and Clinics  one of the largest university-owned teaching hospitals in the nation.   As I drive past the hospital, past the football stadium, past the basketball arena to the Dental College where I work I think how lucky I am to call this place my home.  The wealth of knowledge, artistry and craftsmanship  that surrounds me each day is amazing.

These pictures are from the web

   Now our lives are filled with technical media.  We can ignore or embrace what the WWW has to offer.   I embrace this awesome media that allows friendships to form through a few written words.  Julie and I met through blogging...finding each other and commenting on posts has led to a wonderful friendship.  Julie is an artisan of quilting.  Her love of fabric and colors shines through her work....from the  miniature charms to the quilts it is a feast for your eyes.  I can't forget to mention our love of our fur babies...our special helpers.
My jewelry comes from  the melding of the two country grandmother with her quilting frame in her living room to my city grandmother who gathered with friends at her church to make these many colorful pieces of material into works of art.  Now a computer friend continues this art.

Julie's artistry

please take a moment and visit Julie at
Now onto the design!
I couldn't find my black beads that I planned to came up with a new design!

  And these pieces all come together.....

Thank you Julie for your lovely work of art!
Thank you Erin for giving us a chance to travel once again~ 
Now go visit all the other lovely artisans!
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Saturday, August 24, 2013

52 weeks

Trying to capture my little friends here usual they are busy defending their territory!  I played with the HDR-ish and filtered black/white.   In doing so you can now see the wing movements....

There are many more to see at The Studio Sublime so go take a look!

Sunday, August 4, 2013

My Little Watchdog.....

Don't you dare touch my feeder!!!