Tuesday, July 9, 2013

I Have Been Published!! YEAH!!

A very big thank you to Christine Stephens and her crew at Jewelry Affaire for making my first publication a wonderful experience. My husband has been after me to submit my designs.....I just never got it done.  Christine contacted me and asked me to submit so I got busy and finally did!


They create a beautiful magazine and I am so proud to be a part of it. 
 I had pinned this picture of some of the spoons I had done on Pinterest......I noticed quite a bit of activity with the picture and had many emails inquiring about them.   Over time they have been tweaked and  Hubby has now taken over the "pounding" and "texturizing".   I just get to antique and decorate.  I guess we both have big smiles on our faces as well as a huge box of spoon tops......he makes bracelets faster than I can paint or decorate them!
Thanks to all my friends and family that have supported us
A huge kiss and hug to my partner, my love!  You really are the best !! .
You rock  Jewelry Affaire


Saturday, July 6, 2013


The many textures of a garden...
soft and frilly
rough and smooth
tiny petals all together
make fabulous displays
Mother Nature
knew what to do!!

Head on over to Sally's to see lots more!!

Friday, July 5, 2013

What A Beautiful Morning!

What a beautiful morning here in Iowa on July 5th!
I only had one chance with my hummer......I will be stalking them!
I decided to take a walk around and admire all the beautiful flowers in bloom

I went Lantana crazy this year......


The porch pots are doing very well!

The new grass is growing! 
Lilies are some of my favorites! 


Lots of new flowers in the new beds............

My geraniums that I have kept over the last few years are blooming nicely!

I of course had helpers.....

I read that a true Queen Anne's Lace will have the red center

My corkscrew plant
Lots of bugs too!
Ok time for me to get busy with some jewelry!
you all have a great day!