Saturday, January 26, 2013

52 weeks.....week 4


Sally said 

 “open your heart and listen to your hands"

so I did
 go visit Sally for all the wonderful pictures 

Sunday, January 20, 2013

It's All About My Time...52 weeks

Sorry I am late to the party.....too much all about me time this week to get my lesson done!

It's's all about me time.  January is the month I take to sit back, regroup, relax and learn. The holiday rush is just a memory and a new year has begun.  I get to sit down  read magazines,  take naps, read, watch movies and learn....
This week I got to go learn something I have always been in awe of.....

Did you know you can "burn" poor blue beads were held under the flame a little too long and the bright blue turned to a muddy purple.
my second attempt.......

Next month I get to play with metal clay.....can't wait!

sally has all the links!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

52 weeks.....week 2

Week 2 assignment......

        "your word"  what word will help you achieve your goals for 2013.

                                                     meet       CHILL


I am one
 that many times
As my Dr. put it
slow down
 take a deep breath
listen to your body....



so tonight
when I am frustrated
 with myself
for once again
 putting something away
 so good
I can't find it
I  sat down
on this WARM
 January evening
on my new porch
barefooted and coat less
I listened to the geese cackle
laughed at the kitten inspecting the "white stuff"
chatted with Foo girl
watched the sun set glow off the ice crystals
I chilled

go visit all the rest of the wonderful words

52 week badge


Saturday, January 5, 2013

Focus On Life.... week one

I along with others have joined Sally at the Studio Sublime for a year of  photo's.
 So here goes a year
 Focusing on Life 52 weeks.....

 Week one assignment...self portrait 

You see a hand. 
 I see my grandmother. 
 I see those hands teaching me. 
I see those hands passing down memories. 
I see love and comfort. 
so when I wish that I had small pretty hands
I sigh and remember the beautiful woman who gave me so much
 Thank you Grandma. 
 I love you.

me straight out of bed this morning
the mr was laughing at me taking pictures of myself
it's ok Grandma
he loves me even looking like this
you would have loved him too

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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Nosey and Jerry Show

Who needs old reruns on TV when we have live shows that are free.......
we have discovered the birds at the bird feeder and boy do we make "chattering" noises

those are really neat red birds

we lay around looking cute
sit quietly so the lady can play with her flashy thing....right in my face too!!!

aren't I just precious?
naps are hard work.....
how did all my toys get under here??
nosey is teaching me the big boy playing games........he moves his tail so I can catch it

I am fearless

 doesn't he know that is where I am supposed to sit to watch those birds?

Showing him who's the boss

take that dude

oops it's a take down for Nosey
I help bead too.......tends to get loud around here when I do.......we don't talk about
me sitting in the big plant pretending I am a jungle cat.......running up and down the stairs chasing Nosey sounding like a heard of elephants......finding out I can jump to the top the bar stools (nosey hides up there from me)......oh and I discovered that big old bed that has moving toes just for me to play with.....
life is good......