Friday, July 5, 2013

What A Beautiful Morning!

What a beautiful morning here in Iowa on July 5th!
I only had one chance with my hummer......I will be stalking them!
I decided to take a walk around and admire all the beautiful flowers in bloom

I went Lantana crazy this year......


The porch pots are doing very well!

The new grass is growing! 
Lilies are some of my favorites! 


Lots of new flowers in the new beds............

My geraniums that I have kept over the last few years are blooming nicely!

I of course had helpers.....

I read that a true Queen Anne's Lace will have the red center

My corkscrew plant
Lots of bugs too!
Ok time for me to get busy with some jewelry!
you all have a great day!


  1. Your flowers and kitties are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing them with all your readers. :)

  2. Your plants are all so lovely!!! I used to plant Lantana a lot but haven't had a proper garden for over two years. I'm itching to get one started but will have to wait till next spring. That corkscrew plant is interesting.

  3. Love that hummer! Your flowers all look awesome, and of course your photography skills put me to shame every time. Glad you had some good help out there! Did they give you a hand (paw) with jewelry too?

  4. Your plants and pots are gorgeous! And, a hummingbird?! We had one visit for about 15 minutes (no feeder) but that's all we get here about every other year. That's a treat to see! The texture pictures in the next post are lovely too! My Queen Anne's just started blooming a couple of days ago.


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