Saturday, July 6, 2013


The many textures of a garden...
soft and frilly
rough and smooth
tiny petals all together
make fabulous displays
Mother Nature
knew what to do!!

Head on over to Sally's to see lots more!!


  1. Gorgeous photos of textures - and what a wonderful selection of flowers - I love the white 'frothy' one, and I also love the black and white photo of the grasses - beautiful.

  2. Nice!! I meant to comment on the Queen Anne's Lace before - my mom used to always love it and would put it in bouquets. We had some in our yard and I brought it in and my husband thinks it's a weed!

  3. Love your variety of texture in the sometimes tiny blossoms! Your spider web is great!

  4. Fabulous shots of texture! It's amazing how nature provides so many opportunities for our prompts.

  5. Lovely photos of your garden. It must keep you busy.

  6. I love the teeny, tiny pink and purple flowers. Your gardens must be beautiful all at once.


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