Sunday, June 16, 2013

Play'n With Clay

Recently I purchased a  wonderful tutorial from Ginger Davis Allman at The Blue Bottle Tree.  I finally took a break from yard work here and played yesterday.  The tutorial is  fun and  well written.  So easy to follow. 
 I will be looking forward to using these in some jewelry pieces! 

I did decide that I can use brighter colors than I used......the antiquing does calm them down....

I used a crackle finish from DecoArt  and love the way it helped age the beads

Now I need to go dig though my button stash for more textures.
Thanks Ginger for all the fun!!


  1. *Very pretty*

    I love making & using molds from vintage buttons, too. I use mine with metal clay but your jewelry components make polymer clay look very tempting!

  2. beauties!!! these are fantastic! you do everything well...i love coming here to see the beauty that radiates from your hands or your lenses.

  3. Good thing you took a break from the yard work, these are so neat!! I'm going to check out that tutorial. :)

  4. Hola querida,



  5. Found your post from The Blue Bottle Tree's pinterest board. I just bought the tutorial today and am looking for inspiration. These are beautiful! Love the crackle finish. Nicely done.


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