Saturday, January 12, 2013

52 weeks.....week 2

Week 2 assignment......

        "your word"  what word will help you achieve your goals for 2013.

                                                     meet       CHILL


I am one
 that many times
As my Dr. put it
slow down
 take a deep breath
listen to your body....



so tonight
when I am frustrated
 with myself
for once again
 putting something away
 so good
I can't find it
I  sat down
on this WARM
 January evening
on my new porch
barefooted and coat less
I listened to the geese cackle
laughed at the kitten inspecting the "white stuff"
chatted with Foo girl
watched the sun set glow off the ice crystals
I chilled

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  1. Fantastic photography!!!!! Really nice post, and wonderful word to remember for the year

  2. I wish I had your photography skills - love these pictures! Glad you are chilling - I will keep reminding you to do that! Slow down and watch the kitties! It sounds like our warm Iowa weather will be changing to something a little more seasonable today!

  3. Hi Kim,
    Your word and mine go well together. This is some crazy weather we have been having, so enjoy yours while you can.

  4. I adore all of your photos. It is always a nice thought to "not sweat the little things." It seems it is the little things that take most of our energy, many times for no good reason. Chill is such a great word.

    It has been warm in Kansas as well. Yesterday was a 60 degree day. Today, though, we have snow in the forcast. It is a bit crazy. :)

  5. wonderful photos for a wonderful word!
    may you find time to chill every day in 2013 (even for 5 mins!)
    i'm no. 21 on the list btw :o)

  6. I'm glad you let us chill out with you too!

  7. Beautiful photography and colors! Even better word :-)

  8. Oh your pictures!!! They are fantastic! And CHILL is a word to live by for sure!

  9. A good word for us all!! And your photos are stunning!!! I'm chilling right now as the wind is blowing and the temps are at freezing. We're in for a snow according forecast....

  10. Girl, sitting barefoot and coatless outside in Iowa is definitely going to chill you, now get inside and get thawed!

    Jokes apart, the photos are stunning, and yes, listen to your doctor and take it easy, take a chill pill :)

  11. Kim, your word says it all! CHILL! A great one to print out and post here and there - reminding us to relax and enjoy the moment when we can. Your pictures are absolutely STUNNING!!! I really enjoyed your series of pictures, as always!

  12. Great photos. I enjoyed meeting CHILL in your world. We are so warm here in upstate NY today too. Just a great reminder to enjoy the present.

  13. Incredible photos! Good advice to relax and take time to enjoy the moment.

  14. I hate being cold or chilled... I know that's not the way you meant it but all those pictures of ice... they're yours...!

  15. Kim, What a great word, "chill"! We all need to take your doctors advice and slow down and live in the moment! Your images are spectacular and capture the word so well! I'm scrolling back up to stare at them some more!!

  16. Good for you for listening to your doctor! I should probably listen to him too! Your photos are incredible!

  17. I love this word and the photos are stunning!...and how are you barefoot in January???? I am sooo jealous!

  18. These photos are fantastic! I could get lost in them! I like that you are allowing yourself room to breathe, letting the stillness and quiet guide you. And enjoying the view! I wish you joy in the journey in 2013. Enjoy the day. Erin

  19. Oh, what a word. It's the exact opposite of mine isn't it? HA! I think I've already done too much chilling myself, but if it's doctor ordered then you should totally strive for it! Enjoy :)


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