Friday, November 30, 2012

Challenge of Color Blog Hop

Erin  has once again challenged us to play with color.  This time  Brandi  provided the beautiful earth color palettes. 

My first palette

Sierra de Velazco
(mountain range in the Argentine province of La Rioja)

I decided that I had to use what I had on hand.....even though I love a good excuse to visit the bead shop!  My necklace came about when I was digging through the tote of garage/junk sale jewelry for a project I created for my show last week.  I came across this broach and couldn't believe that it had the colors I needed! 

I kept it simple.  I used beads from  Jesse James Beads 
they are fun and funky...just right with the broach.

I finished it off with a green ribbon I had been hoarding

A necklace just in time for the holidays


My 2nd palette  
Greeland Coast


               This project was harder to come by because I found I don't have a lot of blue......

Greenland inspires ice so I turned to my Swavorski crystals......I think I will probably play with these more to make them "more me"....however this is what they are now! (and I think a trip to the beads store is justified?)

Thanks so much to our 2 hosts!  Please visit the rest of the color players!

I need to add that as I hop through the blogs today I never could imagine the colors of the earth.
Oh my there is some awesome jewelry

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Sunday, November 25, 2012


Just a sample of what I have been up to..........

Sunday, November 4, 2012

3300 miles A Picture Essay

Cotton in Missouri...

the old surrounded by the new....

finally after all my trips through Memphis I got to visit Beale ST.

The chef owner cooked me up a mean catfish po-boy

Mississippi...unknown Confederate soldiers

Marla was our tour guide to the graves


Cathedral Caverns




In awe I  walked through the woods  
my footsteps possibly mirroring
those of soldiers many years ago...

North Carolina       Tennessee         Virginia     Kentucky


So as you can see we did see more than the inside of the bead stores along the way.......