Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Happy Halloween

May I interest you in a mummy bone...........

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Falling Leaves.... Kalmbach Bead Soup Party

I was one of the lucky ones to be able to participate in Kalmbach's Bead Soup Party as a tribute to the original bead soup parties held by Lori Anderson and her new book about them.. I received my cup of soup from a local bead shop Your Design LTD Bettendorf IA.   Happy Birthday to them too!  Fran and the girls are celebrating their 8th birthday with all kinds of fun stuff!  It is about a hour trip for us but we love going over to the Mississippi River  so a stop is always included for me to bead shop. The ladies are always so helpful.  I so  wish I was closer because they offer the best classes and other fun parties.   I had to think hard on this one....these beads are not something I would normally work with. Yet the whole purpose of bead soup is to make us think out of our normal routines.

First I mixed up a fresh batch of LOS and let my copper components soak for a few minutes to oxidize them. Next I started free form wrapping the glass with my copper wire and added small accent beads to give more fall colors.

                          Crack agate beads of greens and gold with the daisy bead caps made up my next component.

  The focal was created with one of the wrapped glass beads, the copper disc with a Czech glass bead and finally a beautiful antique brass leaf. 

  the clasp with the leather cord

I did try to mix in the pearls...they were very bright and I finally decided to save them for another project.

I have to include my helper.......
I think she is telling me I have a messy bead table

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A Time To Stitch 2....decorating the car with beads

Therese and Christine once again thanks for making me  letting me join in your hop and learn another bead stitch!  I had been so busy I wasn't  going to join  then we decided to go leaf peeping and I knew my hands had plenty of car time to be busy!  .....I signed up .... loaded my  missiles in the car and off we went.   Let me tell you they do fly when the Mr hits the brakes or flies around a sharp turn(we now sport beaded carpet). I decided to learn the RAW stitch.......I practiced and practiced and used the excuse..."honey I need more seed beads" to stop at every bead store I could find along our way!    .

practice piece

I  found  Debbie   first and decided the Fish Braid Bracelet looked easy enough....I didn't have the
colors that I wanted  so I used size 11's and practiced with the pattern until I could go get the 8's I needed......they ended up shrinking on me by the time I finished the embellishments so I tried to pawn them off on Marla for Trinity's small wrists....I never could come up with colors I was really happy with so I just kept making the ropes as we drove.....now I have lots of practice pieces.....in the end I decided that it might be a little bulky for what I like to wear.  I chose one strand I liked and added the copper beads for a little more color and then finished it off with what else but a spoon!!   I made a "hook and eye" type of closure for both out of 18 ga wire....I will have to see how it works ...I have worn it around the house and it seems to be working!  A little tricky to get hooked but, that is what husbands are for if needed!!

 This one I just finished of with a button....

   While searching for something to bead I also  ran across James at Monomint. I  found a pattern I just had to have.......then I asked his help in locating a RAW pattern of his...bless him he sent me a very nice tutorial on how to do RAW and then a  RAW bracelet pattern....I know Therese's pocketbook is so happy I found him!!  I said forget the RAW  I just needed to make this necklace!

                         Do I get points for going back to the last challenge and learning that stitch?

I tried to talk the sales person at the Memphis Bead Show into saying that this was a RAW pattern......she laughed and said only the beginning......she was no help!!!  I got the experience of using 2 needles.....  oh I fell in love with these and have been having too much fun coming up with color combinations.....I really need to get back to my  spoon orders.......yikes!!


I can't wait to see what everyone has been up to!

Oh my I really do think I have caught the beading bug.........

Therese Frank and Christine Altmiller

Nikki Byers

Kristen Stevens

Shirley Moore

Cynthia Machata

Kim Hora  (you are here)

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

My flying missiles really flew!!


3300 miles....I needed something for my  fingers to do!!  Mr kimmykats talked me into this one(oh I love this man)   I would not usually do something like this but, he convinced me I should try.  May I present The Empress designed by Sharon A Kyser at  On The Rocks


I used it as another excuse "honey we need to get more beads"......
I did have to fight my way through the first one ....

oh I am having fun with these......

Now I am stalking the postman 
he needs to deliver my daggers!!
and my bead caps!!
it is getting the Christmas season......
how often can you wear and hang a bauble??
Oh help me I think I am really liking these little flying missiles!
(yikes I still  have 2 more new beading projects to show...3300 miles)


Sunday, October 14, 2012

Miles For Beads

We have been traveling these  last 8 days.....over 3000 miles and 10 states.  This "part time" business of ours has led us on a journey of people, places and things.  Blogging has opened a new world of friends.  Bead Soup brought me Marla Gibson of Spice Box Designs   Marla saw that we were  enjoying Sunday afternoon in Memphis on Beale St and wrote you are only a short distance from me come visit.  I had planned to pay a surprise visit to Marla where she works.....she had the day off!!  We were laughing because we knew we were headed that way all along.   Marla invited us to her home where we got to talk beads and play with their 3 dogs.  We were still smiling the next morning over the antics of the dogs and just the pleasure we had of visiting with Marla.  She sent me away with a beautiful caterpillar bracelet and many many wonderful memories.
                 Marla, thank you so much for your kindness of inviting us into your home.
  I of course start checking to see what each city has to offer ....it  used to be antiques and junk....now we have bead shops too.   Huntsville Alabama brought me another memorable day on our trip.  Mary's Beads is one of those kind of stores that you dream of walking into.....a down to earth, dig around and see what you find.....filled with the tales and stories of Mary's life.  Mr kimmykats  got to visit while I walked around in amazement....



  Mary doesn't make jewelry......

                                                                   She just likes beads......

Pictures only give you a glimpse of what is in store for you at Mary's
The beads are from above to below you!
                                   She just giggled when she pulled out her cash register.....

                               I didn't need more beads but, hey she had some I just needed.......

                                     I had already shopped in Memphis at the bead show........

                           Sunday afternoon and they were wanting to wheel and deal.......
                      I was ready to go and Mr kimmykats said honey come look.......he is the best!
On the way through St Louis I found a shop along our route
              Ladybug Beads 
They had a very good sale going on so thought I was in bead heaven there too!!
Lots more to share wait till you see the leaves....
oh my!