Thursday, September 27, 2012

September Flies.....

Here at kimmykats it has been a very busy month!  
We have had the pleasure of working with so many wonderful people to create  jewelry treasures.  
Thimble necklaces traveling as I write to Florida for  3 sisters

                                        The silver was a new color combination for me and I love it!

Spoons have traveled  as far as  New Zeland and the United Kingdom......

                                                       so excited to have our jewelry at
Trinkets and Treasures
Dexter MO

I can't forget  my Texas Ladies!!
We really do need a road trip 
Spoons  Diner 
McKinney TX
now features kimmykat's spoons!

We are very pleased to announce our new local selling location
Kalona, Ia
Yep, September flies when you are having fun!
Ms Oreo is tired of supervising and out enjoying the beautiful fall weather!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

My Best Helpers

So I needed to take pictures today of some jewelry......I moved the chair off the porch to get some     better light.....and evidently better help....

Oh I was having fun rolling on the chair until Mom pushed me off. 
 I got back by grabbing the camera strap just as she was ready to click the shutter!
Then another helper showed up!
Why does she get to be up there if I can't?
                                                                  giving her my evil eye!

                                                                 Attack from the rear!
                                                           Bob pounced and Oreo flew.....

I was trying to get her to come into the house with me but, she was sitting and growling......
Bob had come on the porch with me and was sitting at my feet looking down at her.....
they really are like children and their little spats!
Lots of jewelry orders got finished up today!!
  Mr kimmykats made rings for your fingers.....
lots and lots of fingers!

Knives were cut and prettied!
Fork tines can swing from your ears
Skeleton keys ready to head to the river store
as well as a bullet or 2
Yippee!  I'm not caught up but my head is above water!!!

Saturday, September 1, 2012




hmmmm what comes to mind. 
 Snow covered Alps with Heidi and her cup of Swiss Miss hot chocolate skipping along a flower covered meadow meeting up with  Maria and the Von Trapps.....


 Did you know that the Von Trapp Family Singers  very calmly boarded a train and actually went to Italy? Sorry no night time trek over the hills and "alps".....    Heidi (one of my all time favorite reads and movie) is one of the best selling books ever written and is among the best known works of Swiss literature.  

There are cliches in many countries that Switzerland is just a big factory for cheese, chocolate and cuckoo clocks,"

No-one knows exactly when or where cheese was invented - although it can be said for certain that it was not in Switzerland.     Swiss cheese was mentioned by the first century Roman historian Pliny the Elder, who called it Caseus Helveticus - the "cheese of the Helvetians", one of the tribes living in Switzerland at the time.                    

 If a 1793 travel guide is to be believed:

"It is rather strange that cheese and butter should be so bad in inns throughout Switzerland. Even in the regions which produce a lot of milk, it is hard to get good cream for your coffee or fresh butter, because the locals find it more profitable to make cheese out of their milk."
Switzerland soon exported not only cheese but cheesemakers too. Many of the  thousands of Swiss who settled in the US in the 19th century were dairymen, some of whose descendents are still making cheese here today. (yeah Wisconsin)

While the 17th century saw the start of chocolate processed in Switzerland Swiss Miss is made by an American company.  In the 1950's  it sold the original hot cocoa product as an on board beverage to airline passengers. Only after the drink became popular did it show up on super market shelves.
Fran├žois-Louis Cailler established the oldest chocolate factory still in use in Switzerland. It is near Vevey in canton Vaud, and opened in 1819. He opened a second factory in 1825.  Cailler's most important innovation was to develop a smooth chocolate that could be made into  bars.                                                     
                                                             I could marry that man!!!

                                                     Well so much  for my daydreams.....

Cuckoo !!  Cuckoo!!.....

I can't forget to mention the Swiss manufacturing of time pieces.The cuckoo clock is often wrongly viewed a Swiss creation. This is not to say Switzerland has no part in cuckoo clock history. Many of movement inside cuckoo clocks are Swiss produced and of the highest quality. However, the cuckoo clock is and always has been a German creation. Each spring, the farmers would emerge with their completed cuckoo clocks and show them off in the town square. Competition quickly ensued and each farmer would try to out do their neighbor by carving a more elaborate cuckoo clock the next winter. This could account for the fancy and time consuming designs that are part and parcel with the cuckoo clock. That sly cuckoo bird knows how to raise their kids....they sneak into the nest of some unsuspecting bird and leave a deposit behind for them to raise while they fly off to have fun.  

                                                             ....maybe to the beach????


Did you know that Switzerland has Palm Trees? 
 Introduced from China by a Scottish biologist in 1850. 
  The Ticino region  is known as the Tropical Alps Region
 Speaking of sun and fun.....
 In Switzerland, it is illegal to mow your front lawn while you're dressed as Elvis(it's true!)

 Then there is the "witching hour"

 If you are a practicing witch  beware the last legal execution of a witch was in 1782 in Switzerland. 

Getty Images Photo By Harold Cunningham/Getty Images
 Belalp Witches Ski Race 
The race is inspired by a legend dating back to the middle ages of a witch who tormented villagers in the area until she was burnt to death.

You better speak something besides English....The Swiss give you  4 choices...German, French Italian, and
  el e te es  be ea de 
 (lets bead)!!!

I kept it ice stones and hard  cold metal
My Inspiration 

even the houses look like alps!

Kyanite I love this cut!



A spoon bowl lily filled with blue  glass chips 
glass, pearls and a little sparkle...what more does a gal need.....

Thank you Erin and Marcie  for this Callenge of Travel Blog Hop.   It brought back  all those wonderful times spent  in my school years researching projects.  I had a great time finding little known facts and oddities!
I am linking you back to Erin for the whole list....enjoy your travels