Friday, July 27, 2012

I 've Been Cook'n Marla's Soup

Bead cooks from all over the world have been stirring up creations for us to visit this weekend.   
 A big bowl of thanks goes to Lori Anderson for all her hard work and time spent keeping us all cooking!  I am sending her a special thanks for introducing me to my Bead Soup partner
  Marla Gibson of Spice Box Designs.   Marla has a motto on her blog that I love...
Live! Laugh! Create! 
It has been a joy getting to know Marla and in turn getting to know some of her beading buddies!   Marla sent me a whole stash of goodies to play with at a later date along
with my bead soup

So anyways  here's the main course

The beautiful focal and beads  from Lean Dog Pottery

 the clasp is from BeeTreeByMe

I made simple links with the stones adding a couple of
snakeskin jasper.
I joined the antique bronze links she sent  with beaded jump rings.

I used the cream beads from Marla and added the browns, blues and greens from my stash

Marla also shared with me a treasure that a beading friend of both of ours gave her.....
The brown sari ribbon is from Therese

I am calling it
Summer in Iowa

We've  had 
 blue skies rain
HOT, hot temps
all is brown
yep!! that's our yard
(and Bob hamming for the camera)

I love the beautiful beads she sent me---it seemed to fly together ..I can say it's the first time I have done a blog hop and really enjoyed creating....... not fretting and fussing.......
it all worked !!! 
Just like it did in my head!!

I guess this would be the dessert course??  Marla sent me all kinds of goodies to play with so since I have been on a spoon"bender" lately I decided to pull out the grey jasper stones to pair with some lava stones I had... you have to have a spoon for soup  right??

Mr Kimmy decided he wanted to make some links from the handles

I still have some stones  from this little bag....working on a blue and green combination next

LuLu got in on the bead soup too while here over the weekend.....her first friendship bracelets.....

Hop on over here to catch the whole list of participants.....
we are going to be tasting some awesome soup!!!

Monday, July 16, 2012

He's a Genius (SHH don't tell him)

I asked the Mr to run down and drill me a hole.....he said why don't I flip this one around?
He's brilliant......I love him lots!!

 It's for sale!!

Yes, I finally managed to get a few items in my Etsy shop!

He's all mine ladies!!  You get the jewelry!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Marla's Getting Me In Trouble...

My lovely Bead Soup partner Marla of Spice Box Designs is getting me into hot water!!  Marla  participated in a couple of  Blog Hop's.  She created  the neatest bracelets and mentioned that she had used a tutorial from The Gossiping Goddess .  Well today when I sat down to take a break from our cool 100 temps I decided I needed to try creating one.

                     Sorry my dear customers .....I got hooked on these and took a much longer break...



            These worked up so quickly.  I love them!!     I really liked these beads but, was disappointed with my button choice......oh well.
                                                                  It's mine all mine.

                                                   My biggest problem is I ran out of beads!!!!!!
                                                     Which means I get to go bead shopping........

                                                      See Marla you have created a Monster!!!!
       You really have....I found this stash of beads from B&B so had to do another one late last night!!

I really do love these!!!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Bead Soup with Spice Box Designs

It is 100 here in Iowa, we are cleaning out our mother's collections from a 3 story farm house---I have seen more Avon and STUFF than I ever want to see again!!!  I needed something fun!!  Mr Postman delivered a box of JOY today.   Marla from Spice Box Designs sent me the most beautiful bead soup and even with the heat I did a happy dance!

               Are you jealous of me???  I can't wait to start playing with these beautiful beads.

                                                                 OH..... there are lots more goodies....

sweets for me and my sweetie

Assorted stones........I am thinking maybe a bracelet??

Beautiful..... colorful ...can't wait to play with these!

The shells make me think of the wonderful day we spent in MS a few years ago...a magical day on the beach with my dear Maddy....she chased  sea gulls and romped through the waves all day...the memories always bring a smile....It was just one of those unplanned days that forever live with you...

A collection of beads, brown silk ribbon and oval rings.....ooh ...I am wanting to dive right in!!

I can't thank you enough Ms Marla from Mississippi...

I am off to do another happy dance cause it's too hot for more garage sale stuff so I am going to sit down in my nice messy air conditioned workroom and play with my soup!!!
You all should hop on over to Marla's she has some amazing bead weaving to drool over.