Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Round Up........ Lasso Me Some Beads

I have been playing around with my version of a lariat necklace.  Inspired by a necklace created by Tish McDermott entitled "Harmony"(Bead Trends).  I of course have way too many keys so wanted to find more uses for them. 

     We have been passing this one around the office
to check out it's     "wearability"
(new tech term)

                               Helper Foo was bribed with a bowl of food........need I say more?

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Stacks...I'm Hooked

I blog hopped yesterday and was so smitten with all the textured wrapped bangles that I decided I needed to try some too.  I dug through my duffel bag of Grandma's jewelry and found a bangle set to play with.  I hammered the soldered seam apart because my hand span is just to wide for all those dainty bangles they sell in the store.  I frayed my silk sari, wrapped my wire and beaded my way through the afternoon and this morning.

.  My helpers of course didn't want to be left out.....I heard the ping on the screen as I was working this morning......

                                Nosey had enough of the outdoors.....
                           it must have been nap time ...he wanted in!

We snuggled up on the couch for a bit.   I hate to say the "crud" as my Dr calls it has once again come to visit me.  I had sort of gotten rid of the cough for about a week but, this last week started coughing again and now it's back in all it's glory.  I have heard many stories of how this stuff really hangs on to you once you have it. I have seen my Dr more in the last 4 months than I have in 3 years!

Foo  would like to thank all her admirers..... she had so many nice compliments that she didn't want to be left out again today when picture time came....

                                          Foo is a great admirer of dangles..................   

There!! She has them just right for the next picture!!

helper Foo is snoozing until her assistance is needed again....

Well I am going to sit on the couch and enjoy watching the Mr mow the yard......my hummers have been busy today at the porch feeders as well as the first sighting of a gold finch.....a nice spring evening here in Iowa.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Stack'M Ladies

Tracy Statler of make bracelets  put a challenge out there  for all of us.  As she puts it  "The trend of wrapped, stacked and layered bracelets has been around for awhile and it shows no signs of stopping!"  I dug through some old favorites and made a few new...had quite some fun!   I compiled a mix of boughten, made by me and made by friends.   Thank you Tracy for making this happen!!
my wedding pearls mixed with some of my new favorites

my wrapped bracelet  layered with jasper's and etched bead bracelet
a little bling with the wrapped and etched
the top bangle (purchased) paired with handmade

the big stack

the big stack with more

sporting my newly beaded bracelet

I had to add this.....the silverware bracelets started this exploration into jewelry designing.....I met my (now)husband....he needed to do somthing besides watch me paint.....we found the bracelets......we got married......now I have enough silverware to invite all of you over......

It appers a lot of us wanted to show off our style.......
Go check out all of these wrapped, stacked and layered ladies!!

my helper Foo .....yep she knocked down the stack

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Oh I'm beading......

While I am never going to be an amazing beader I still wanted to try my hand at something different than my beaded bullets.  I came across Zaneymay's Etsy shop.  Her pattern Lushes Pearl Drop Bracelet was very easy for a novice like me to understand and worked up quite quickly!  I of course didn't have a lot to choose from in my stash of beads but am quite pleased by my new bracelet.  Nosey looks quite becoming modeling it for me.....all my helpers come running when I start to take pictures......(they get pets and loving in between shots).


I will be making another one of these.......let the bead shopping begin!! YIPPEE
Thanks Debra for a great pattern!!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Pin It.....Pinterest....Spoon Bowls

I often check Pinterest to see what people are pinning from my blog.  The number one pin is of my spoon bowl necklaces.....I happen to have a never ending(or never going to catch up) supply.  They have always been good sellers at our shows too.  I finally took time and made a few to take to Peeps....Enjoy!

I did a few more last night  

I know that neon colors are here for the summer so I decided to do a little "hot pink"

I had the pleasure of my lilac bush as I snapped these pictures

The sun was setting making the tulips glow

Well I am off to finish a bullet....   have a great evening!!

This was a special order .....hope she likes it!