Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A Time To Stitch 2....decorating the car with beads

Therese and Christine once again thanks for making me  letting me join in your hop and learn another bead stitch!  I had been so busy I wasn't  going to join  then we decided to go leaf peeping and I knew my hands had plenty of car time to be busy!  .....I signed up .... loaded my  missiles in the car and off we went.   Let me tell you they do fly when the Mr hits the brakes or flies around a sharp turn(we now sport beaded carpet). I decided to learn the RAW stitch.......I practiced and practiced and used the excuse..."honey I need more seed beads" to stop at every bead store I could find along our way!    .

practice piece

I  found  Debbie   first and decided the Fish Braid Bracelet looked easy enough....I didn't have the
colors that I wanted  so I used size 11's and practiced with the pattern until I could go get the 8's I needed......they ended up shrinking on me by the time I finished the embellishments so I tried to pawn them off on Marla for Trinity's small wrists....I never could come up with colors I was really happy with so I just kept making the ropes as we I have lots of practice the end I decided that it might be a little bulky for what I like to wear.  I chose one strand I liked and added the copper beads for a little more color and then finished it off with what else but a spoon!!   I made a "hook and eye" type of closure for both out of 18 ga wire....I will have to see how it works ...I have worn it around the house and it seems to be working!  A little tricky to get hooked but, that is what husbands are for if needed!!

 This one I just finished of with a button....

   While searching for something to bead I also  ran across James at Monomint. I  found a pattern I just had to have.......then I asked his help in locating a RAW pattern of his...bless him he sent me a very nice tutorial on how to do RAW and then a  RAW bracelet pattern....I know Therese's pocketbook is so happy I found him!!  I said forget the RAW  I just needed to make this necklace!

                         Do I get points for going back to the last challenge and learning that stitch?

I tried to talk the sales person at the Memphis Bead Show into saying that this was a RAW pattern......she laughed and said only the beginning......she was no help!!!  I got the experience of using 2 needles.....  oh I fell in love with these and have been having too much fun coming up with color combinations.....I really need to get back to my  spoon orders.......yikes!!


I can't wait to see what everyone has been up to!

Oh my I really do think I have caught the beading bug.........

Therese Frank and Christine Altmiller

Nikki Byers

Kristen Stevens

Shirley Moore

Cynthia Machata

Kim Hora  (you are here)


  1. You have been quite busy. The bracelets turned out well.

  2. Oh heavens girl, you had me cracking up! I bet it was a fun trip, especially the beaded carpet. I really, really love the color combos on the spoon piece, and the button one. I NEED to know how the spoon one fastens, cause that is just a great idea for a closure. I will absolutely give you points for going back to the last challenge, cause that is a gorgeous rope! Now I have to go find out more about those beaded beads, cause that's some serious bling, and I have the perfect idea for them. Thanks for adding to my 'to do' list. :)

  3. Yep, love them all (shocking, right!?). I'm not sure when you got all of these done! So nice that you decorated the car!

  4. Whoa! All these pieces are gorgeous! And hahah - I had a similar experience on the Megabus, from DC to NY once, and I was cracking up because everyone was trying to frantically pick up my beads that would periodically go flying, but I didn't worry about it too much, just kept making a mental note of what I might need once I got to NY! LOL

  5. Oh man you had me laughing thinking about your man slamming on the breaks and beads - a flying! completely bedazzeling the car! And then of course the need for more beads! brilliant tactic dear!!! great work nailing this stitch! agree with you that the necklace is a must do! LOVE it!

  6. Kim, I love them all! I have not added a closure to the two that you left with me but Trinity has been bugging me about it so I plan to get right on that ASAP lol. And those beautiful Beaded Beads that you made, you just have to share where you came across the pattern! I think I might just have to try it as well. I loved how you added a spoon to the closure! That is all you! <3

  7. You definitely caught the fever, Kim :-D

    These bracelets are wonderful~color, style, execution, and the addition of the spoon with the buttons is genius! And I Love the backdrop of those first few photos. The beaded carpet...yeah, when we took a road trip to Alaska in 1991, I decided with all those hours in the car, I was going to string first journey into beading. I got more on the floor and only 3 necklaces strung! The Al-Can highway does not lend itself to a needle and beads.
    The necklace is gorgeous, with great colors. It is so nice to see the stitch stuck with you :-)
    I just LOVE the tassels...Beautiful and playful and elegant and sparkly all rolled into one!
    Thanks so much for hopping, Kim~we are so glad you are enjoying the weaving :-)

  8. Hi Kim,
    Thank you so much for giving in Um I mean signing up for mine and Christine's challenge. OMGoodness look at all the fantastic pieces you have beaded I knew you had it in you girlfriend! I love the RAW bracelets and the spoon closure I am with Shirley, how does that one work? The button closure is a perfect match to the accent beads. Oh I am still going to get that necklace pattern I love what you did with it gorgeous and totally ok that you went back to the first challenge with this one. I would not say that my pocket book is happy that I am spending, but it will just have to put up with it LOL. I am using one of James's beaded beads in an up coming challenge that Kristen Stevens is hosting.
    I am in love with the beaded bead pendants you made and as far as I am concerned if it has RAW in it, it qualifies. I went and check out her site and I will be getting one of her kits so I will have the pattern. I am so glad that you have been bitten and are sick with bead weavers flu you belong here. I hope that you will join in on the next ATTS challenge.

  9. Wow! Those are all amazing. I love your bracelets and your spoon focal works so well with those buttons. As far as I'm concerned, you get bonus points for learning the last stitch. That herringbone rope is gorgeous and that necklace is stunning! I'm in love! I do love those ornaments also. I think we have a beader on our hands. :)

  10. Kim, I have so much to say about all the wonderful pieces and practice pieces you posted here, they are all beautiful! The embellished RAW bracelets, the color combinations give the bracelet such beautiful depth and the beaded bead and flying missiles are so sparkly and the color palettes are gorgeous!
    OKAY, now unto that stunner of a necklace, for that piece alone you should definitely get credit for the last blog hop stitches! GORGEOUS!!
    I do have to say that I am surprised, I thought you would have a key with RAW embellishing it! :)

  11. Indeed you have caught THE bug! Gorgeous gorgeous! Love that blue and gold necklace. sigh

  12. I love your bracelets and the button closures are great. I love that necklace. It's beautiful and I love the colors. Your flying missiles are just too cool! The color combinations are wonderful!

  13. I love your necklace! The colors in it are great. I have made those same beaded bead pendants and they are fun!

  14. Hi Kim, OOoooh I really like the pieces you came up with for this hop ;) Those last RAW beaded beads with the long tales are so cool.

    p.s. please stop by Coralville for me next time you are out if it is still possibly considered a back road... have not been there for quite some time.

  15. I love the images of you and your husband in the car! What a delightful story! And what great pieces. I can see why you fell in love with that necklace pattern. :)

    If you ever make it out Seattle way you'll have to let me know!

  16. Wow you really went to town! I can see with your RAW bracelets that a simple stitch can look fabulous with a great focal or clasp! The colors and simplicity of the RAW really shows off those great findings! And you are very brave to try crossweave, I hate it! Two needles drive me crazy!

  17. I am not sure how you can bead in the car - but I need to learn to do that :)
    Your pieces are all beautiful: in colours, in texture, in the story behind them! I love how you used such a variety of buttons!

  18. Once again Kim you have me smitten with your beautiful work. You are one dedicated bead weaver to work while driving...cute story! Love the RAW bracelet with spoon clasp - that is clever. The one I love most is the herringbone necklace... That just blew me away! So I had to check out James site. I've been on a buying spree lately so will have to do some shopping there. Thanks for the tip. And the beaded beads oh my, gorgeous beauties!

  19. I first learned RAW as a 2-needle stitch and love any pattern that lets me use that method. I'm drooling over your herringbone necklace. Just perfection! All your color choices are spot on! I so wish I could bead in the car!!!

  20. Beautiful work! I love the beaded beads in the last two photos -- they look like happy, fancy jellyfish. <3

  21. I don't know your terminology..RAW to me is my photo file out of my camera and where I like to edit photos, in I think we aren't talking about the same thing!!
    It matters not, though, I LOVE what you are up to!!

  22. Oh, and the jewelry on the old radio....really perfect!

  23. Kim, Your work is fantastic. I love the bracelets and those focals -- yummy!!!
    I haven't tried to bead in the car yet humm I wonder since driving and texting is illegal in Delaware, could I get away with beading and driving? "What I was going sixty in a thirty-five zone. Oh I am sorry officer, I am having a bead crisis, my needle dropped and beads flew everywhere."

  24. I love all your work Kim, but those first two bracelets are stunning! All of it, beautiful!


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