Sunday, August 19, 2012

Foo's Sunday

It was one of those kind of days....
hanging out watch'n kimmy  take pictures of her new pretties
(I even thought about takin a swat at those dangles...)

                                                       Nosey wanted in on the action too

The sun was shinning one moment and the next there was a loud boom
kimmy and mikey went running to see what was up
looking out at us on the porch they saw sun and blue skies
out back the sky was black
not 5 minutes later  Mother Nature showed us who's the boss

 The wind started, the rain came down
Then the nasty stuff started and for 8 minutes or so it was really loud and scary

                                                         kimmy's feet needed cooling off

the poor little flowers got beaten up

                                                     The little one's have ice in their bowl!

                We are having a special on cold drinks for the birds
                     (course I like to drink from here too)

         Mr farmer's beans were in a lot of trouble because of the they are in shreds


                                            I thought it only snowed when it's cold out

                                         I was scared for awhile but, all my friends are ok
Mr and Mrs Cardinal have been back scolding me for watching them at the bird feeder
Those 2 hummers are busy chasing each they buzz by so fast
The little wild kitty came and helped me clean up all the food
yep all is quiet here in Iowa tonight


  1. Thank you Foo, for sharing your interesting day. I bet you were very scared with all that wind, lightning, thunder, and hail. Kimmy is so funny with her feet in the cold icy hail. Well enjoy the nice Iowa night.

  2. That was quite a day you had there Foo. I'm glad you are all okay. Those storms can be frightening. My little dog gets shaking and panting so hard when a storm comes that we are scared for her more than anything. I hope you find a warm dry spot to sleep tonight with Nosey.

  3. The cats are adorable. I hope they were not too scared in the storm. That is some big hail. I'm glad everyone is okay. I love the little yellow flowers peeking out of the remnants of the storm. :)

  4. Wow! We had a few sprinkles yesterday, but that was it! That hail is crazy! Glad everyone is safe and sound. Love your pretty kitties!


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