Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Hippity Hop I 'm Off To Shop

This little guy was hanging out by my water spigot.   He was so very patient with me sticking my camera in his space........and such a bright green! He now has his own portfolio.....the frogs at the pond are lining up for their chance of being famous too.

I have been busy learning new bead stitches for my next blog hop challenge hosted by Therese and Christine.......those little flying missiles have had some not so nice words uttered......but it gave me an excuse to go bead shopping!  Which brings up more shopping.  My beloved is driving me over to Milwaukee to the Bead and Button Show.  I can't wait!!!  My first jewelry show ever. I am sure I will be drooling and my husband will have to take away my money so I don't spend it all at once. 

When we leave there we are headed for  Freeport IL  for the spring Flea Market.  We attended this one last Fall and came away with some great bargains so we are hoping for  great bargains again. 
Our last stop is very sentimental for me.  For the last 9 years every June I have climbed aboard my Fathers BN Farmall and traveled the Iowa countryside at 10mph. It was a very hard decision but, I chose the show over the tractors this year.  We will still get to see the 500 tractors in Clinton....I will  be along the sidelines waving with tears in my eyes as I watch those proud tractor owners head down the road.  Dad's partner this year is coming all the way from California to drive his restored Farmall.  He grew up here in Iowa but has been away from the farm for many years.

I want to mention one last thing.  This last month has been filled with sorrow and joy as we celebrated the life of my Dad's youngest brother.  He was diagnosed with cancer and his time with us went quickly.  I need to mention the wonderful people of our local Hospice.  Their caring made his last days in a hospital a comfort.  He was a farmer and should have been in the open field with blue skies above as he planted for the year. His sense of humor and ready jokes will be missed by many.

                                                           Hippity Hop I'm off to shop!!


  1. Kim... so sorry to hear about your uncle.... it's rotten when good people have to leave us so early... my condolences to you and family.
    On another note... that frog is darling.. and SO bright green. I have not seen a frog in the wild for years!
    As far as Band B.. I went once (yes from Australia).. my suggestion is to make a map of vendors, mark the ones you want to see first then just browse..it is fantastic and a bit overwhelming, too. Have fun you lucky girl... and buy up big!! LOL.

  2. I'm sorry about your uncle, saying a prayer for you, your dad and family. I bet the fella that is coming to drive the tractor from California is tickled that you chose the bead show so he gets a turn at 10 mph! I hope you have a great time shopping!

  3. Hello Kim, my condolances to you and your family on your loss.
    I am envious that you will be attending the B&B show you luck girl! Have a wonderful time and be sure to show us all the fabulous treasures you come home with. I am so excited to see what you and the others have created for mine and Christine's challenge. I really need to get busy on my projects. I am so glad you are playing along with us. I like that you have a tradition of riding the tractor and that your Dad's tractor will still be represented even though it will not be you driving it. That little tree frog is so cute with it's bright green skin!

  4. Kim, I'm so very sorry to hear about your Uncle. I'm sending you and your family my condolences, prayers and a hug. You have had your share of sadness this past year and I feel for you. I know your Uncle's memory will live on - and will be remembered.
    I'm looking forward to hearing more about B&B! I hope you had a great time - I know you did!!! I had a blast last year and hope to go in 2013. Did you find any goodies at the flea market in Freeport?
    Your frog pictures are so cute - what a patient little fella, posing for pictures and all. :-)


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