Saturday, March 17, 2012

It's a Drive

Pikes  Peak  looking over the Mississippi River
Whew....a lot has been going around the kimmykats house.  Believe it or not I still am battling the   " crud" Dr and I have become very attached... the Mr had throat surgery.... then my yearly appointment gave us some problems to attend to.  After days of waiting for test results for  the both of us  we received great news.  We decided a little get away was deserved. We are so fortunate to live  about an hour  away from the Mississippi River and all its glory.  We headed north to the Iowa, Wisconsin and Minnesota border.  The banks of the river are full of limestone formations and beautiful scenery.
The lock and dam area near Guttenberg IA

Pikes Peak looking back at Prairie Du Chein WI
We live amongst the fertile fields of corn and soybeans so it always amazes me  to visit the hills and valleys of Northern Iowa.

We drove as far as Winona MN before heading back south through the Root River scenic area.

Lanesboro MN

The many towns we passed through were still a bit sleepy from the winter but, come summer will be bursting with bicyclists, fisherman, canoes, floaters......
we had beautiful blue skies and warm weather to celebrate all is well.


  1. Kim,
    Isn't nice to be able to just get in the car and go see this beautiful country of ours! It would also be nice if the crud would pack up and leave you. Glad everything eles is ok with you and the Mr.

  2. Hi Kim
    Glad to catch up with you here today.... I do hope you are finally feeling better. I always enjoy the pictures from your road trips. These are places I have never seen and seem like worlds away (being around the DC area). Thanks for sharing the peaceful scenery!!


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