Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Angel Wings

Saturday morning the Mr and I  were sitting in our recliners reflecting on how long we have had the "crud" as our Dr puts it.  Outside the sky was blue and sun was shinning ....the Mr looked at me and said you want to blow this joint and take a drive???  I immediately jumped up and said if you feel good enough to drive  I  can ride!!   I gathered my beading supplies and as the Mr drove I beaded bullets..... Off to Galesburg IL to Semenary St we went.  We took the less traveled route and enjoyed our trip over the Mississippi....unbelievably  flowing with no ice.....watched the eagles soar and crossed the flat fields of Illinios.  We had come through Galesburg at night on the way home from Buffalo and had a wonderful meal at a Pub so were eager to walk the restored downtown streets and visit the shops.  We had done our homework and had a list of antique shops to hunt down.  We happened across an interesting storefront and I deterred from our planned route and popped in.  OH MY...what a treasure I found at Stray Cat Art.  They have filled the store with handmade items by local artists.  From the pots made from old freon canisters to the little dog driving the old electrolux they had me entranced.  I wish they had more on their sight but please go visit and see some of their unique art.  I fell in love with the freon tanks and decided I needed to  get one for my almost Mom....FOR Mother's day .......she had it by Monday night.....I am worse than a kid.  One of the vendors had taken an old tire and made into a large flower petal bird feeder......oh I wanted one of these too!  Beautiful jewelry, woven goods......this store will be on my list of I need to stop again! 

Mom Connie already has a Valentine arrangement  in this on her table
As we were late getting on our expedition we needed to keep moving ...... The Antique Mall was 3 floors of wonderful items....we found an old chip rack to be used for our earrings and I  fell in love with some rhinestone pieces.  Next  antique store had  silverware for us. Our last stop Hawthorne Antique Mall  the owner was so full of knowledge about the history of her store....during the war it was part of the Mayo Clinic that our wounded veterans were sent to.  We happily spent the remaining shopping time listening to her stories.  I came away with some beautiful buttons and a big sigh of what a wonderful day.... I know I am getting better.............


  1. Sounds like a fun time and I'm glad you're feeling better!

  2. What a great day...I think I need to make a trip to Galesburg - we haven't been there for years.


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