Sunday, January 8, 2012


vicitorian sparkle from the early days of wealth and glory

We have no snow here in Iowa and believe it or not the ever talked about Buffalo NY  is bone dry too!
Last year when we planned our Christmas trip my sister was living the life in Florida.......alot can happen in a year..... she now is residing in Buffalo NY.  Instead of  sand and surf, the Gulf of  Mexico  I enjoyed Buffalo Wings, Niagara Falls and the Trans Siberian Orchestra.  We found a charming house by the lake shore to stay in.   Decorator sister needed to spruce it up for the holiday.....
duck tape is man's best friend.
 A 5.00 tree and the  last and only tree stand (pulled from the going to the trash shelf) in the  store = priceless entertainment.  Who knew that you can't buy a tree stand on December 23 and the duck tape to hold it togehter cost more than the stand?  We had a wonderful time and the transplants enjoyed getting out of their temporary digs of an Extended Stay room.  Do you know how many decorations can fit in a hotel room?? My sister loves to decorate for Christmas.....not even a motel room could stop that this year......
   The Mr and I headed home with the anticipation of junking/antiquing along our back road route.  Pennsylvania, Ohio and Indiana didn't let us down....we had a truckload to empty by the time we arrived home and the awe and wonder of the history of the days of building this country.

The joy of driving is visiting  the historic cities we pass you ever visit these towns and wonder of the thoughts of those early pioneers?  The grandeur of days gone by now so many times lost to changing times and hard economics?

Our greeters  along the way in the Allegheny Mts.  The snow we are so used to finally caught up to us.
a picture perfect postcard of rural America

Our recent angel was with us these days in our thoughts and hearts.....she landed the transplants in a perfect house just when they had given up.  She landed our hotel room right next to 50,000 sq ft antique mall filled with the most beautiful history of our country and right down the street........4000 sq foot of beads at the Potomac Bead Company.....heaven on earth.

We crossed the Mississippi River at midnight to fireworks ushering in the New Year....
We have many bridges to cross in life.....joys and sorrows along the is there to guide us....thank you to my husband for being my companion along the way.

Time to get back to business here at Kimmykats.......I have all these new treasures to play with!!


  1. Kim, It sounds like you and the Mr. had a wonderful Holiday filled with love and laughter with your family. I to often wonder as I travel through the states what it had been like for those folks traveling back in the making of this wonderful country we live in. Oh and I know you found some great buys on this trip across 3 states.

  2. Oh what a great trip, sounds like you had fun and great things to do and see on your adventure to spend time with your sister.Family, beads and antique shopping... And travel...fantastic. All my favourite things. Love the story of the tree and the lovely ponies in the snow.

  3. I hope we get to see some of the treasures. I'm glad you had a such a neat trip. I've been to the East coast twice but neither involved getting to shop for treasures. I just loved the history though. It was so different from here. The history was palpable. I'd go again in a heartbeat.

  4. How did I miss this post? Kim, your trip and holidays sounded so perfect - right up my alley! I wonder how close you came to us while going through PA? Where did you stop in PA? I'm in VA, but as you know we do like to head up to Lancaster Co. to go antiquing. I can't wait to see some of the treasures you found.


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