Friday, November 25, 2011

Cellar Creations

Time for our last big show. I have been just a little busy once sort of clean table is of course a disaster area....(oreo keeps here space nicely maintained)

washer and dragonfly necklace's

38 special bullets

silverware slide

beaded skeleton keys (did I once say beading wasn't for me?)

I found the inspiration for these in the Bead Trends Magazine by Donna Bradly----love the online subscription

thimble necklace

you have leftover turkey?  I have leftover silverware pieces!

lock plate necklace

old cement formers turned into picture holders

There is lots  more!  I still have a few hours better go get busy!
Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and  you are out shopping away!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Bead Table Oreo

I know it's a little late for bead table Wednesday.........this picture sort of sums up what's happening on my table.  I have to make sure to leave a space for my helper or she paces over the table and into everything...(orange paws last night).  My other helpers are in their spots on the floor...Bob thought if he crawled behind my back I would vacate the chair......wrong!  He had to settle for his plastic shoe box bed.....Oh I love my helpers..Bud is sitting on my right arm as I type and Bob is settled in on my left side....Foo girl is down the couch.....Nosey is off to bed with the Mr---sounds like a good place to be.  One last big show and life will be ....a little slower??????

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Shoots and Junk.....

Bob and I took a little time again today to take a walk around---we finally had rain this week and the leaves floating in the bird bath caught my eye...(the walk seems to have tired him out he is stretched out beside me now typical Bob position all 4 legs in the air.....)

As always there are wonderful shots at Lori's take a little trip over to view them.

On Friday the Mr and me took an afternoon to head over to the Mississippi River and do a little junking.....we found some great junk

Meet our new  table for the loft room we have been redoing....the table will fit great between our the cats new Lazy-Boys.  They took an old furnace grate and put it on an old magazine rack....a little cleaning and a quick spray of krylon and we are ready to go.

I needed a stand for our earring display at Premier Peeps. We were lucky to find this at the Junk Asylum the store is always full of fun reasonable priced treasures. 

I have been busy making bullet earrings to match the necklaces.

We found a neat typewriter

I fell in love with the trike......a great jewelry display piece......the price was right!  It will fit right in with all the tire displays we are using.

We had a great visit with Deb at Colorworks in LeClaire and then headed off to our favorite boat for dinner and a little wagering......I walked out a winner!  A fun day for us now back to the's field time for him so long hours ahead and I have a lot of jewelry to create!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Premier Peeps

kimmykats table
Premier Peeps opened their door for business today.  A store for woman, created by woman--with a couple of roosters thrown in.......... Handmade items by Iowan's.  The store is located in a beautiful old building on the square  in Mt Pleasant, IA
my version of the clay heart technique taught at the Vintaj worksop

Zatnu bags
There are one of a kind items throughout the store.....

hand knitted items and quilts

beautiful aprons by Melanie----vintage to new  they are amazing!

upstairs the old dressing rooms  have been turned into individual booths

tutu's for the little princess
Jennifer's photography studio is  also located upstairs
specializing in family shoots

Congrats to Lori and Jennifer 
 I wish you many happy sales!!