Sunday, September 25, 2011

Those little flying missiles are at it again

I did it!!      I went and got me more of those little flying missiles.....
watermelon mix
I added a typewriter key to this one.....

autumn mix with turquoise bead dangles

Next on the project list was using up leftover spoon parts.......

ok back to the work room.......Keosauqua show comimng up October 8-9

Friday, September 16, 2011

Bead Soup.......Beware Flying Objects

There are not enough words of thanks to Lori for the labor of love she has undertaken.....we can only try to praise her for giving us this great experience....... 

First kudos to all of you artist's that deal with these tiny pieces of glass on a daily basis!  Lori paired me with Jen VanBenschoten  a very accomplished beadier.  It's a good thing Jennifer sent me lots of beads because I have lots of pieces that I played with and now  my beading tray really is bead soup.

More than once my husband had a good laugh at me .....Oreo traipsing across my workspace beads trailing her footsteps, dropped strings and beads rolling everywhere, beads popping off needles and flying through the air.....need I go on? I tried to learn all the names, types, sizes and to say the least I am confused! I spent many hours looking through magazines and online web sites.

The peyote stitch caught my attention right away.  I think down the road I will probably be adding some bling to some old skeleton keys----you notice I started out with a quick one!

The simple beads as they are called were right up my alley---just a few stitches and voila!! they are done ---I can see myself making these beads again. How simple is this earring....string on the bead, a bead cap, the simple bead, another bead cap and make a kind of fun!

I decided I needed  to learn to follow a pattern
Foo Foo Earrings (as I call them)

I am not sure I will wear these----thought they would make beautiful Christmas ornaments

      ..............................................The Big Reveal......................................................

The Soup

While I can say beading is not my forte I have had fun and can laugh at my ineptness!

In the end I chose a simple had to be me.....

 I hope your month isn't too busy............. you have a lot of soup to try out!

Rather than list this enormous hop of 362 participants  here please visit bead soup for the complete list.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Beautiful sunny shows.......means lots of shoppers!

spoon ornament
We have been blessed with beautiful weather for our outdoor shows this summer.  We have had the best customers. When you are in this business sometimes you are tired and discouraged and wonder if it's worth it.  Then you meet those special customers and they lift your spirits and you remember what its all about.

  A special thanks to the staff at the Britt Hobo Fest.  They came in mass to help get us packed and on our way home.  My last memory of my mom was her telling us to have a good time on our new adventure to the National Hobo Convention. 
spoon ornament
a couple of the new ornament designs......I love the kitty of course

Oh how I loved these geese at the Hobo show.......they actually follow commands They walked the whole parade route too!  We were so busy getting set up this Saturday morning ....when the parade came by I walked over to see what everyone was laughing about and there were the geese.  Next in line was a sign for the car show on Sunday the 14th......I returned to our booth and thanked my husband for remembering it was my birthday!!!!   I had forgotten my own birthday-----once you are over 50 the mind goes!!!

Washington Chamber of Commerce show last weekend ......what a beautiful day and the shoppers were there right up to closing. Wonderful show!! Being close to home I got to see family and friends I hadn't seen in awhile.

Our new sign for the booth.......The screen we found at Old Crow Antiques  west of Des Moines---a good excuse to visit more of the Iowa  occasional show makes the best display for the fork tine earrings.
This board came from Simply Iowa's Memorial Day sale---was supposed to be for sale but I decided our booth needed a sign!

One of the clay heart necklace with sari beads......I forgot to get better pictures before they were gone...

Spoon rings seem to never go out of style.....and the stories we hear about them.....someone had quite the elaborate silverware chest......makes a very nice display

We found this old car mirror at the What Cheer show....Dad did his magic and it tilts and folds flat for storage......he got a big old hug from me when he brought it back!

 I am taking a little time off ....Bead Soup needs to be finished this week........I need to play Avon lady to finish up Mom's customers.  Next stop Keosauqua ........we already have had emails from loyal customers coming to see us!   Hope you are all enjoying the Fall Harvest Moon!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Tranquil Leaves

I treated myself to some beautiful focals from Sharleen Newland I have only had time to play with one of them.....

I do have bead soup to finish and of course more painting for the show this weekend.....
Oh I love the colors of these.........I have been told I can't keep it all.....
How many different necklaces could I wear a day?????