Saturday, August 27, 2011

Soup for my soul

My beads have arrived from my partner Jennifer. She sent me lots of seed beads to play with.

Jennifer is an editor at Beading Daily so I have big shoes to fill to present something to her.

A mix of greys with a hint of lavender....sweet soothing lavender

Normality will arrive once again on Monday morning. We are taking the weekend to finish up details....casserole dishes to return, thank yous to be sent. Roses have been hung to dry for remembrance. My house and garage have become a greenhouse....some will hopefully travel south with my sister when she returns this fall. Until then may the good Lord give me a greener thumb so I can keep them alive...... To be surrounded by the gifts of love given in Mom's memory is like being wrapped in her arms. Yes, I think bead soup will be good for my hurting soul.

Friday, August 19, 2011


Mom you live in our hearts forever. This week has shown us how many lives you have touched. We have had you all these years now you are with Bryan once again.

We know you are still here watching over us.
I Love you Mom.

As we are going through cards today this lovely verse said so much to me

Through you cannot always see
the bird singing,
if you listen with your heart,
you can always hear his song.
Though the ones we love
may leave life as we know it,
in our memory
the love we knew
will always carry on

Sunday, August 7, 2011

It's Sunday again--- Junking and Crafting

Ok our resident spider outside my front door cooperated this morning and was facing me....Hmmm don't you think she is an alien in disquise????

We visited the What Cheer Flea Market on Friday and came home with some great bargins. The best part of the day was finally getting to meet Kim and her husband....their booth was filled with wonderful projects, amazing furniture and fun "kin folk"--we were too busy talking and I didn't get any pictures! It is a small world husband knew Kim's BIL--they work for the same company just different locations! We made a couple of trips to the car so I guess you can say we found a few bargins!

A 3.00 sales rack that is just perfect for the washer's

Best bargin--20 cabinet boards---so very hard to come by.

Some of the items I have been working on for our show this week...........Thanks to great artists for designing beautiful patterns....

Yippee the weather has cooled down and we have windows open. Bud is a happy camper---he loves sleeping in the window---our beautiful guard cat!

I was too busy to take my usual close up pictures of the world this morning so you all go take a peek at Lori's!

studio waterstone