Sunday, June 26, 2011

Pesky Bugs Macro Sunday

It has been a busy couple of weeks here with family visiting. I haven't spent much time in the garden so this morning I started out to see what is happening out ornamental lilies are just starting to bloom so the flowerbeds will be at their peak the next couple of weeks. We also have a bumper crop of mosquito's so as much as I love taking pictures of the lilies....I was being eaten alive! Think it is a good day to play with the jewelry! (make sure to click on the pics so you can see the details)

Now go see what all these happy shooter's have captured!!

studio waterstone

Friday, June 17, 2011

I Love Macro.....Tractors and Posy's

It's macro time again.....

My tribute to Tractorcade....we started out wet.....

I revisited my lily bud from last week

The Margarete daisy's are starting to bloom

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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Rollin Across Iowa

It is the 2nd week of June so that means its time for the tractors to roll across Iowa. This year 550 tractors landed in Knoxville IA for the 12th annual WMT Radio Tractorcade. Knoxville is home of the sprint car races...they are used to fast moving vehicles..... we roll in at 10-20 mph.

Mom wasn't able to ride this year so a family friend kept Dad company.

She will get her own tractor her eye on a Super "C" Farmall

It is always fun to meet one of the other groups along the way.... We have 7 groups that leave about 45 minutes 1 @ 10 mph through group 7@20 mph

My favorite tractor driver...Jack and his grandsons...the first year grandpa held on as his grandson took his morning they are taller than gramps....Tractorcade wouldn't be complete without these old farmers

All decked out tractor....

Lined up ready to roll on Monday morning

I let the Mr. take over the driving duties this year giving up my drive for being a rider and snapping pictures....

Another one down, the tractors are back on the farms....rain, hail, and winds may have delayed us....just time for more stories to be told....thanks to all the WMT staff for a wonderful trip....we will see you all in January for the route announcement for ride 13.....putt.....putt.....putt

Saturday, June 11, 2011

I Heart Macro........... Buds and Kitties

Lilly bud......the first part of July my flowerbeds come alive with all the lilies

We have a new this lovely dumpster is in our drive.....have anything you want to throw away? There's room!

Oreo was helping me on my walk tonight and posed so pretty....

We did our Sunday walk early this week.
It is that time of year when all the tractor
enthusiasts pack up the rain gear, wash and wax the ride and head for Tractorcade 2011. Knoxville IA will be the home of over 500 tractors for the next 4 days....look out slow moving vehicles ahead!!!

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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Peeps and Pretties

My little friends on the porch....I took this looking through the dirty window and I took the screen off to get better pictures.....the clean window scares them ... I am having trouble sneaking up on them so no new pictures minus the screen. Can't win...Mr Cardinal is really a spook...I even get close and off he goes....

Playing around with new designs for the washers

I had some ribbon I have been wanting to play with

Memory wire bracelet with the new little farfelle beads...

My Greek leather arrived so now these are for real....mixed jasper stones...

Hope you are staying cool....upper 90's here