Friday, November 25, 2011

Cellar Creations

Time for our last big show. I have been just a little busy once sort of clean table is of course a disaster area....(oreo keeps here space nicely maintained)

washer and dragonfly necklace's

38 special bullets

silverware slide

beaded skeleton keys (did I once say beading wasn't for me?)

I found the inspiration for these in the Bead Trends Magazine by Donna Bradly----love the online subscription

thimble necklace

you have leftover turkey?  I have leftover silverware pieces!

lock plate necklace

old cement formers turned into picture holders

There is lots  more!  I still have a few hours better go get busy!
Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and  you are out shopping away!


  1. Each and every one a fan-tab-u-lus creation! Yummy goodness. I loved them all!

  2. I am not a seed beader, but I love your beaded keys and the thimble necklace is wonderful , beautiful work.

  3. your keys are fantastic! I think you DO like beadweaving ;-)
    And the thimble!!! LOVE IT!!!
    All your creations are fantastic!

  4. Kim, all of your pieces are absolutly beautiful. My favorite is the left over silverware piece.

  5. Kim just everything...I remember you post about the beading....but seeing how far you've come is making me want to learn.....

  6. Good luck on your show. Your pieces are always beautiful. Miss you on JR.

  7. I just bought a few of your pieces at Premier Peeps! So cute!

  8. I've been thinking about a thimble necklace. Your's is reeeeaaaallllyyy neat! I think you've scored big time on this new look of yours.


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