Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Bead Table Oreo

I know it's a little late for bead table Wednesday.........this picture sort of sums up what's happening on my table.  I have to make sure to leave a space for my helper or she paces over the table and into everything...(orange paws last night).  My other helpers are in their spots on the floor...Bob thought if he crawled behind my back I would vacate the chair......wrong!  He had to settle for his plastic shoe box bed.....Oh I love my helpers..Bud is sitting on my right arm as I type and Bob is settled in on my left side....Foo girl is down the couch.....Nosey is off to bed with the Mr---sounds like a good place to be.  One last big show and life will be ....a little slower??????


  1. I love it!!! Lucky you have such a wonderful helper!!!

  2. Ah so precious Kim, isn't nice to be loved by your fur babies? Best wishes on your up coming show.

  3. HA! My kitties are not allowed on the bead table. They are pretty good about it. However, my oldest cat insists on being in my lap most of the time. If not there, she climbs on my bead boxes or waits for me to vacate my chair so she can have it. The other one just wants to catch the darn lizard that keeps taunting her in the window! ;) They are great craft companions otherwise. I'm glad you've got some company and you prep for your show.

  4. I stopped by to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!! Oreo looks so comfortable, I don't know why cats like the bead table so much, mine always laying on the bead mat.


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