Sunday, October 9, 2011

Big Sigh

A big sigh of gladness could be heard when we turned in the drive tonight.  The Keosauqua Fall Scenic Drive has come and passed.  When you are putting in all the hours to get ready for a show you hit the point when you ask yourself why do I put myself through this.  Answer .......the many many wonderful customers you meet.  Some you will meet briefly and others will be a smiling face returning year to year.  The customers that are picking out special gifts for loved ones or having a "me" day.  The little girls touching and gazing at all the pretties....Grandmother's treating them to their wishes....Customers are what make you eager to see what they will think of your work.   This year with my move to jewelry designing taking a bigger part in our booth and letting go of the painting I was more than nervous to see what they would think.  So thank you to  my customers for letting me know over and over that they loved my spin on  designing  with found objects, my version of the washer necklace, my new skill of working with the flying missiles.  The weather was beautiful, the trees so lovely in their fall is all in my mind-----the customers started coming before  we were actually set up and just kept us too busy for me to snap my pictures. The venue had new management so they moved us from our usual spot......many of you came looking for us so a special thanks for hunting us down.  We met new friends and had many of our local friends stop by ---it means so much to see those friendly faces.  So I am a tired gal tonight with a big smile on my face.....tomorrow is the start of another count down to the next show...........


  1. Kimmy, It is good to hear that your show was a success. It's always a joy to keep the old and make new customers.

  2. So glad to hear your show was a hit! It is fun talking to all the customers isn't it! I have a craft show next week that I am completely fretting over, I have been so busy I'm afraid my booth will be empty!! Wish me luck!

  3. Kim, I'm just catching up with you and so happy to hear your show went well...and that your customers loved your jewelry as much as your painted pieces. That is no surprise to hear - I love your jewelry too! Are you selling your jewelry on Etsy now? The link doesn't take me to your shop. I would love to see more of your missile necklaces - I love both the bead stitched version and the sari ribbon ones - they are beautiful!


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