Friday, October 7, 2011

38 Special

Well show time is here ready or not.  We are looking forward to a beautiful weekend next to the river.  Beautiful sunny skies forecasted .....what a fun time ahead.

We came across a bucket full of hinges on one of our jaunts so this is my version of a hinge picture holder.

My fingers have been flying as well as those little they are my "38 specials".......

Then I got out the silk sari  ribbon .....

Hope you all head out to one of the many festivals this weekend!


  1. these necklaces are fabulous!!! such a great combination of materials...bullets, beads, ribbon. Great idea! your peyote stitch looks perfect :-) those hinges are very creative too. good luck!

  2. I've been catching up on your posts. You are going to have a fabulous show....everything you made is wonderful!! I love the bling that you've added to the hinge picture holders and the necklaces are awesome! Have fun!

  3. very nice, love your version of the casings....
    all the best with the show

  4. I really love the ribbon on them! My ribbon is still just being admired in my basement except for one pom pom I made.

  5. Best wishes this weekend at the festible. I really like the hinge picture holders, very creative. The bullet casing necklaces are unique and beautiful. You did a great job on the peyote stitch even though you had to work with the tiny missle projectiles. The ones with the silk ribbion are very pretty.

  6. Gorgeous!! Love the colors and they way you recycled the casings- unique and wonderful!!


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