Monday, September 12, 2011

Beautiful sunny shows.......means lots of shoppers!

spoon ornament
We have been blessed with beautiful weather for our outdoor shows this summer.  We have had the best customers. When you are in this business sometimes you are tired and discouraged and wonder if it's worth it.  Then you meet those special customers and they lift your spirits and you remember what its all about.

  A special thanks to the staff at the Britt Hobo Fest.  They came in mass to help get us packed and on our way home.  My last memory of my mom was her telling us to have a good time on our new adventure to the National Hobo Convention. 
spoon ornament
a couple of the new ornament designs......I love the kitty of course

Oh how I loved these geese at the Hobo show.......they actually follow commands They walked the whole parade route too!  We were so busy getting set up this Saturday morning ....when the parade came by I walked over to see what everyone was laughing about and there were the geese.  Next in line was a sign for the car show on Sunday the 14th......I returned to our booth and thanked my husband for remembering it was my birthday!!!!   I had forgotten my own birthday-----once you are over 50 the mind goes!!!

Washington Chamber of Commerce show last weekend ......what a beautiful day and the shoppers were there right up to closing. Wonderful show!! Being close to home I got to see family and friends I hadn't seen in awhile.

Our new sign for the booth.......The screen we found at Old Crow Antiques  west of Des Moines---a good excuse to visit more of the Iowa  occasional show makes the best display for the fork tine earrings.
This board came from Simply Iowa's Memorial Day sale---was supposed to be for sale but I decided our booth needed a sign!

One of the clay heart necklace with sari beads......I forgot to get better pictures before they were gone...

Spoon rings seem to never go out of style.....and the stories we hear about them.....someone had quite the elaborate silverware chest......makes a very nice display

We found this old car mirror at the What Cheer show....Dad did his magic and it tilts and folds flat for storage......he got a big old hug from me when he brought it back!

 I am taking a little time off ....Bead Soup needs to be finished this week........I need to play Avon lady to finish up Mom's customers.  Next stop Keosauqua ........we already have had emails from loyal customers coming to see us!   Hope you are all enjoying the Fall Harvest Moon!


  1. I'm glad you are not only doing well at the shows but that you are also enjoying them! I bet you do meet a lot of really nice folks at the shows. Your pieces are just beautiful so I'm sure you are always very busy!!

  2. Looks good lady! I need to hit one of your shows so I can pick up a piece of your artistry. You (and I'll give Mike some props) do such amazing work! Glad you had a good show. Don't think we'll be at What Cheer in Oct. Kids and ball are eating up my weekends.


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