Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Relocation Project

We have had an interesting week of relocation here. One too many of our little friends have been visiting and destroying. One brave little soul even mastered the pet door and learned where the sunflower seed was kept in the garage. That was the first little one that took a drive at 11 PM Monday night to a new neighborhood. Tuesday night we took our little drive at 12 AM. Wednesday morning's catch was black with a long white stripe......that's a really stinky story........

We hadn't seen Momma and the 2 babies since last week...when I went to check on the noises coming from the porch tonight I was greeted with one baby on the rail and the other one swinging in the planter eating away on sunflower seeds....momma was hanging out on the steps.....watching me in the door. I think she had knocked down the hummer feeder and was sipping away until she heard me.....

There will be no relocation tonight.....the "have a heart" is a little smelly to be around......we haven't decided how to catch momma and the babies because we don't want to separate them....... On another note we have 2 baby opossums up the hill in Dad's shop......wonder how soon they will be visiting?
Oh............. the huge raccoon that was sitting next to Bob (the cat) watching us load up his buddy.....we are gonna need a bigger "have a heart". Bob please get some new playmates.......


  1. Oh such a fun story (maybe more fun to read than live thru)!

  2. Kim, YOU truly have a heart! I'm glad you're trying to keep the Momma with the two babies. You have patience and a kind soul - :-)

  3. Coons are just so cute and so annoying! We haven't had a family in a couple of years here. One time we came back from a couple of days away and the coons had pulled the tub of cat food (big tub) out of the garage way down into the yard and it was upside down. They never did get the lid off though. There was a big mess in the garage and a radio I had in there was turned on!


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