Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Rollin Across Iowa

It is the 2nd week of June so that means its time for the tractors to roll across Iowa. This year 550 tractors landed in Knoxville IA for the 12th annual WMT Radio Tractorcade. Knoxville is home of the sprint car races...they are used to fast moving vehicles..... we roll in at 10-20 mph.

Mom wasn't able to ride this year so a family friend kept Dad company.

She will get her own tractor her eye on a Super "C" Farmall

It is always fun to meet one of the other groups along the way.... We have 7 groups that leave about 45 minutes 1 @ 10 mph through group 7@20 mph

My favorite tractor driver...Jack and his grandsons...the first year grandpa held on as his grandson took his morning they are taller than gramps....Tractorcade wouldn't be complete without these old farmers

All decked out tractor....

Lined up ready to roll on Monday morning

I let the Mr. take over the driving duties this year giving up my drive for being a rider and snapping pictures....

Another one down, the tractors are back on the farms....rain, hail, and winds may have delayed us....just time for more stories to be told....thanks to all the WMT staff for a wonderful trip....we will see you all in January for the route announcement for ride 13.....putt.....putt.....putt


  1. Kim, I've never heard of such a Tractorcade before! This is what I love about the blog world - finding regional traditions like this! It looks like a great time was had by all. I especially love the photos you took along the way. I love old barns - so nostalgic and time worn. Such great pictures!!

  2. What a sight that would be to see on the road!! I would be snapping pictures of all of the tractors. Looks like a fun, annual event.
    I sent you an e-mail the other day about your question if the junk store I pictured was in Cameron. I'm not sure the e-mail went through. I've been to the Cameron store (a lot) but the one I pictured was in Bethany. I think I'm heading there today!
    Have a great day.

  3. My dad wants to ride in it and I hope he does some day. It looks like fun!


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