Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Peeps and Pretties

My little friends on the porch....I took this looking through the dirty window and screen....so I took the screen off to get better pictures.....the clean window scares them ... I am having trouble sneaking up on them so no new pictures minus the screen. Can't win...Mr Cardinal is really a spook...I even get close and off he goes....

Playing around with new designs for the washers

I had some ribbon I have been wanting to play with

Memory wire bracelet with the new little farfelle beads...

My Greek leather arrived so now these are for real....mixed jasper stones...

Hope you are staying cool....upper 90's here

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  1. These new pieces are wonderful! Is that sari ribbon? I ordered some a little while ago and can't wait to do something with it. Your ribbon seems to have a sheen though which is really pretty. The ribbon I ordered doesn't. The leather bracelets look labor intensive. All just really neat!


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