Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Do Over.........Jewelry Blog Hop

Today is a day of great excitement for me....the first jewelry challenge I have participated in!

Thank you Jeannie for sending us your treasures so we could play.

In Jeanie's words ...... Here’s how it works:
I will send you an old, tried, boring piece of my jewelry for FREE and you will work your magic and turn it into something beautiful and amazing.

I had several packages of beads arrive the same day as the jewelry. When I opened the package I was confused. My first thoughts were I sure as heck didn't order this and someone goofed up big time. Then it dawned on me...the challenge! I can honestly say that the color orange challenged me.

I played with a focal I got in a bag of junk jewelry at the flea market, I played with some of my Grandmothers bead necklaces(a duffel bag full)...nothing was pleasing me. I browsed Etsy, my Silpada catalog....then decided to go the the Vintaj gallery hoping I would find some inspiration. I started looking at necklaces when I saw my name in the description of one..... I had given Betsy one of my washers as a thank you when I took the Arte Metal Madness workshop. I am so honored that she used it to make a beautiful necklace. Bingo!! I went to sort through my washers.

I hope I have changed orange into something beautiful and amazing.

Now please go visit all these lovely people who participated!!(Jeannie has posted for those who do not have a blog)

Donna No Blog.....Jeannie
Jamie No Blog.....Jeannie
Kim (you are here)


  1. Wow, wow, WOW!!! This is GORGEOUS!!! You had a great vision for these orange beads. What a great color scheme. Love it!

  2. You did an absolutely AMAZING job! I'm really impressed!

  3. GORGEOUS!! WOW, you nailed it! I LOVE it!! The orange and the turquoise are such an eye catcher! STUNNING!

  4. It's gorgeous what a great job!!! Love turquoise and orange together - makes the brass pop! Happy Hopping!

  5. Hi Kimmy! I think that for a first timer you really knocked this one out of the park! My daughter loves the color orange, but it can be jarring if not used the right way. I think that this is a great design, filled with life and movement (I love the leaf details) and the washer is so very cool! Thank you for sharing your beautiful design. This was fun, wasn't it? I love challenges, I hope you will consider doing more!
    Enjoy the day!

  6. Those are swarovski crystals I sent you. Hard to believe this is your first challenge. The orange in fact adds an interesting touch and pop of color. Well Done! Thank you Kim for participating.

  7. I would have never thought to put orange and turquoise together, but I LOVE the look of them together! I also like your use of different metals - the metal you used looks much better than the all gold did. Great job!!

  8. those are great pieces! beautiful :-)

  9. Absolutely amazing work! Can't wait to see more from you! Thanks for Jeannie for helping us to find other amazing artist.

  10. Hey Kim - oh my goodness your necklace is amazing!!! Your work just keeps getting more incredible every time I visit (and really fantastic photos you took!). You know I just love your washers...what a great design. I really like how you used the orange as an accent color (I would be stumped with the color orange as well). What a beauty - you must be so proud of your first challenge (hard to believe) - I'd wear this one in a heartbeat!!

  11. Lovely pieces! What an incredible change!

  12. Wow you worked wonders on it! Love the colors together and the focal looks fab! x

  13. WOw. . .just wow!
    I'm not a big fan of orange myself, but you've really done something wonderful with it here. BEAUTIFUL work!!

  14. OMG, that is beautiful! You did a great job and that washer is great. I'd steal that right away and wear it. :-)

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