Saturday, April 9, 2011

Junk Jubilee Treasure Hunting

I had a wonderful day of treasure hunting in Des Moines at the first Junk Jubileeheld at the famous Iowa State Fairgrounds. There were plenty of shoppers and lots of junk to be had.
Vintage No 35 has posted pictures on her blog so take a trip over to see some of the booths. She had a very lovely booth and lots of wonderful jewelry to drool over

The ladies of Antiques Iowa were so nice favorite purchase of the day ...

Old Stove Grate

JuNk ReFuNKeRy was another favorite booth. I loved their checkout table made of old screens on purchase from them...

I really love the color of this dustpan and unusual shape.

Just Claudia traveled from St Louis MO and had many wonderful items...these were the first purchase of the day...I wanted more but knew I had more shopping to look at so limited myself to just 3

Future Picture Holders

I have an new idea I am working on so I was out to find some thimbles...

Wonderful detail on this one

I traveled to historic Valley Junction for a little browsing and wasn't disappointed..

More stuff for more projects!

My last stop was the bead store ....beautiful turquoise donuts......can't wait to work with these.

I had a fun "me" day and can't wait until May for What Cheer Flea Market!


  1. Treasures indeed! Hope to get time to go check out the other pictures.

  2. Kim, I can't believe how similar our taste is for old treasures. I ooohed and aaaahed at every single picture here! Gosh I love that old grate - it is just amazing. And the thimbles. I'm always picking up thimbles, I don't know why. And those buckles....just love those too. What a fantastic day. #1 in my book!


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