Sunday, March 13, 2011

A Weekend of Total Bliss Vintaj Style

I had the wonderful pleasure of attending the Arte Metal Madness Workshop this weekend at the Vintaj Store in Galena, IL
Upon entering the store it is first full of overwhelming beautiful handmade jewelry and then the junker in you is amazed at the use of repurposed salvaged doors, mouldings and hardware.

Jewelry mounted on old barn boards

An old screen door used as an earring display

My photo does not do this whole wall justice...the old green color moulding on top of barn boards Oh my!!

salvaged doors used as displays

Up the stairs we went to the classroom...

Jess along with others taking a short break during lunch hour....they actually were busy setting up for our afternoon of NOISY jewelry making!!!

I can't even begin to thank Jess and Betsy for their hard work and teaching abilities....and to put up with all the hammers banging away at the same time...
We altered, distressed, reliefed and learned new much more. Once I unpack I will share with you the wonderful projects we did as well as the loot we came home with---OH MY!!!!! Thank you so much to all the Vintaj ladies and Megan(I hope I remembered it right) in the store for helping me come up with a fabulous new design for the washers!!

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  1. I say with shame...I am jealous! All the displays, your new skills, and GALENA?! I've been there three times and just think it is the neatest little town. Did you get to stay in a bed and breakfast by chance?


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