Tuesday, March 22, 2011

America's Bird

Our trip home from Galena we traveled along the mighty Mississippi...the great river and America's bird....

Sabula Ia, the eagles have landed!! There were over a hundred sitting in the trees and on the ice(click on this one to really see all of the birds)They are very smart birds they were all on the side of the lake away from where people could get to them!! The ice was just black with birds at the foot of these trees.

Taking care of the winter kill of carp.

One of the many water fowl along the way.

To end something near to my heart....Farmall Tractors....lost but not gone...


  1. What a site that would have been~ AND, I love that picture of the tractors just peaking out of the trees. Sad, but really telling isn't it?

  2. Wow,you photos are wonderful. I have been very fortunate to see two bald eagles together and felt that was amazing but to see that many on one place must have been amazing!!


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