Saturday, February 12, 2011

A Regal Visitor

The Eagles have become frequent visitors to our trees these last few years. It is good to know they are recovering from the low numbers of the 70's.

As for Bea and Jay they don't want to leave the nest.....mama is a good cook!!!

Phoebe is already at work on her new nest for the next hatch and feeding these 2...she is a worker! best of luck flying away little ones...

TEST FLIGHT...Bea gets some help from brother Jay...

WE HAVE LIFT OFF....... Jay leaving after Bea took flight first 2/14/2011


  1. There is nothing like seeing an Eagle.

  2. Love your photos today, Kim! It is amazing that you actually saw an eagle and are watching these little hummingbirds....seems like Iowa is worlds away from VA. I do see plenty of beautiful red robins at the bird feeder. :-)

  3. Kim, thanks so much for the suggestion but I've had a problem downloading Picasa on my computer. I've tried 3 times & it ends up getting to a certain point & just stopping with no explanation. I'm going to give it another try. Love you eagle pictures. Jan


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