Sunday, January 16, 2011

Roses to Tractors ...Jewelry Finds

I want to share a project that I did for a Christmas present. I was surfing the net one night and came across Peachy Chic Boutique. I have a good friend that loves the fabric rosettes and this was the perfect gift.

The kit included all the materials to finish the bracelet and came in a sparkly organza bag so when you finish you have the perfect gift wrap.

While the company had shipping issues and the kit took it's time arriving my friend didn't mind the late present and I had a good time making it. The one shown is mine and I need to get it properly finished!

I would like to share another jewelry line that joined the crafting business this Christmas.

Introducing The Allan Davis Collection
Allen is a native of Canada and met his wife (my sister) during a hockey vacation to Florida. Allan has always been amazed at the talent of the Bender family and has quietly taken a back seat to all the creative process. No matter what city they have lived in when the Bender gals get together crafting becomes the first priority. Taking care of the Bender gals was his job ...running errands, cooking, muscle man...he is our go to guy. Little did we know he has been taking notes for the day he would sit down and craft his own visions. Finally 2010 was the year his creations have come to life.

The Bender family were the proud recipients of this unique resourceful collection.

The Country Farm collection: A must wear during WMT'S annual Tractorcade....

Crafter's Delight: for every crafter that always needs more time.....

Cookie's stir and fork: Earrings any chef will be proud to wear (or use in a pinch)...

Allan's creation's were in high demand once we modeled ours. The relatives in Canada were sadly disappointed they didn't get in on the first editions. Mum Davis will have to enjoy these shots and maybe by next Christmas Allan will be able to fulfill more orders.....For now I will wear mine proudly to all of our shows.

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  1. Oh my goodness....wonderful, just wonderful.
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